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When you revisit some WordPress-driven sites, you may note a change in the feel or appearance of the site since your last visit. This change has been made by altering the WordPress theme of the site. The theme change may result in the disappearance of all your widgets. WordPress makes it very simple to change your blog’s theme design completely. Before you change the design, of your blog or site, you need to take some critical steps so that the change works smoothly.

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15 Things You Must Do When Changing WordPress Themes

The best thing about WordPress is that there are thousands of themes for customizing your blog. WordPress offers great flexibility. New themes are being created daily with many highly customizable free WordPress themes made available. The theme is actually just like a skin for the weblog. The overall look and presentation is also changed. The theme makes changes to the way you display the site but does not make changes to the basic software of the site.

Things You Must Do When Changing WordPress Themes

When you change themes, sometimes the new theme is not able to display the widgets well. This is not such a big problem in the case of standard widgets, such as Archives and Pages. But, you might have painstakingly created several customized scripts and hand written codes having hand-entered parameters. How can you prevent such a disaster from happening while changing your WordPress theme? You need to take care of some aspects while changing the theme to avoid this problem.

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QR used on toilet paper to promote HIV awareness – thnxz @qrcodepress

An Italian charity is using the quick response barcodes for education in public restrooms.

 QR codes toilet paper HIV charity

Sieropositivo, a charity in Italy that works to promote HIV awareness, is using QR codes printed on toilet paper in public restrooms to help to spread the word about the disease and increase the knowledge that women have about the way that it is spread.

Women who visit those lavatories can use their smartphones to scan the barcode.

The toilet paper with the QR codes is being used in women’s public washrooms in trendy clubs located in Milan and Rome. The women who actually visit those bathrooms will notice that the toilet paper rolls have a question printed upon them, as well. It asks:

“When you use a public restroom do you fear diseases? What about when you have sex?”

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SER estratégico, o no SER NADA – gracias a @rdmercadeo @YoSoyPyme

Pensamiento estratégico

Escrito por José Adrián Moreno Espinosa

La importancia de este pensamiento radica en las oportunidades que se puedan fabricar a partir de la información con la que contamos para llegar a determinado punto; dentro de una organización podemos observar el pensamiento estratégico en diferentes posiciones dentro de una jerarquía, sin embargo la mayoría de las organizaciones no les da el valor adecuada a desarrollar esta competencia dentro de sus empleados para impactar cada sector dentro de al empresa.

Cuando cada miembro dentro de la organización desarrolla e implementa el pensamiento estratégico se pueden formular beneficios tales como:

  • Se crean líneas de trabajo ocupando el pensamiento estratégico alineado a la estrategia global de la empresa.
  • Se desarrolla la implementación de decisiones estratégicas alineadas a las tomadas actualmente
  • Se desarrolla un pensamiento que permite tomar decisiones que sumen esfuerzos a largo plazo, no solo contemplando sus decisiones sino las de otros miembros dentro de la empresa
  • Se crea el compromiso de dar soporte por parte de los empleados a seguir decisiones basadas en sustentos reales
  • Se aumento el desempeño del grupo y se maximizan resultados
  • Se mantiene vigente y flexible ante los cambios desarrollando un esquema de innovación
  • Con la implementación de esta competencia se obtienen beneficios profesionales y personales que fomentan el crecimiento personal y la confianza entre subordinados.

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    Generalmente cuando el pensamiento estratégico se da en las personas, estas demuestran una serie de características, comportamientos, actitudes y habilidades de pensamiento tales como:

    • Curiosidad: Interés en lo que ocurre a su alrededor, dentro y fuera de su empresa en un entorno empresarial amplio.
    • Flexibilidad: Capacidad de adaptar el enfoque y ser capaz de cambiar una idea con información que sugiere la necesidad del cambio.
    • Enfoque en el futuro: La consideración constante de optimizar las condiciones en las opera. De igual manera esta alerta a las oportunidades que podrían resultar útiles a futuro, así como las posibles amenazas y la prevención de las mismas.
    • Punto de vista positivo: La visualización de los problemas como oportunidades y la plena confianza en el éxito.
    • Apertura: Abierto a la crítica constructiva de cada una de las partes involucradas, tanto interno como externo.
    • Amplitud: Desarrollo constante a partir de conocimientos y experiencias, de tal modo que constantemente pueda analizar una situación desde múltiples variables de solución.

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Post-click, big testing & momentum // thnxz to – @ioninteractive

Post-click is back. 
Well, in reality, it never really went away. Everyone just started going landing page cray cray! However, cliché “landing pages” are notoriously (below) average experiences. For most of our customers, formulaic landing pages (headline, content, call-to-action) aren’t an option. Savvy marketers need more – and they deserve more! Since 2007, we have been focused on highly targeted, personalized, post-click experiences. Oh sure, we do landing pages, but we also give you the opportunity to go beyond landing pages, way beyond. Post-click isn’t new, but its back and its better than ever.

Big testing is “it”.
Big data is, well, a big topic. It raises big questions for marketers, mainly, “how do we use this data to grow our business?” But we believe that big testing may be more important than big data. Because testing big ideas 1. drives meaningful learning 2. empowers teams and 3. fosters a culture of experimentation.

Big testing is about experimenting with big, bad, bold ideas. It means breaking free of the iterative state of mind and innovating for big results. If you aren’t testing, you are status quo. And if you aren’t innovating, you won’t be able to stay ahead of your competition. Big testing empowers teams to run their own tests and not be afraid of “the big bold test.”


Momentum = Mass x Velocity  (Full article)

Momentum can mean many things to many people, but for me, it means moving the needle quickly and efficiently. “13-point checklist before you launch your next campaign” / @ioninteractive

13 Ways To Elevate Your Landing Pages

Each online marketing campaign is a marriage of three key elements: strategic
advertising, high-performance landing pages, and efficient post-conversion execution.
If you fail to execute just one of these critical facets, your leads may shy away.
So before you launch your next campaign, run your landing page through this
13-point checklist and make sure that you have the basics covered.

ion interactive - Optimizing Marketing Performance Beyond Landing Pages | @ioninteractive
by Anna Talerico

High-performance landing pages are:

User-Centric. Think about the user experience first and foremost.
Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and run through your landing
page experience. Is your page informative, enjoyable, and visually
pleasing? Or is it disorganized, confusing, or lacking key

Fluid. If your landing page contains links to other interior or external
pages, ensure that these transitions run smoothly by keeping both your
visual elements and your messaging consistent throughout.
Don’t forget to use your confirmation page to remind visitors what
they’ve just signed up for.

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