¿Una red social 100% segura para niños?

El portal infantil de Clan TV, integrado en RTVE.es, incorpora la Comunidad Clan, una red social infantil segura y supervisada por los padres


Unos meses después de ver la luz, el portal infantil del ente público ha incorporado una red social pensada para que los más pequeños se adentren, de forma totalmente segura y supervisada, en el ámbito de los Social Media. Para conocer este proyecto entrevistamos a dos de sus responsables, Yago Fandiño, subdirector de contenidos infantiles en medios interactivos de RTVE, y Gonzalo Villar, project director de Secuoyas, estudio encargado del desarrollo.

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Reviewing List Articles Trend: 30 Powerhouse and Prospective Design Blogs

Will the List Trend Prevail?

There are new list articles published every one or two days and they can be very easily outdated as there is constantly new content published on the World Wide Web. However, even with this huge influx of content on the web, as long as list articles continue to be updated and become even more comprehensive than current list articles, the trend is not likely to die down anytime soon.

Although list articles have their benefits for today’s fast paced society, there should be a balance. It is important to remember that variety and moderation allows the web to remain fresh and keeps things interesting. We still need a healthy influx of intriguing and intellectual content that is not summarised or in the form of a list. Lists articles also run the risk of reducing healthy thought-provoking discussions and content.

However, we would love to hear your thoughts regarding this trend that’s taking the World Wide Web by storm. Do you love or hate this phenomenal development? If you know of any unknown blogs that produce good list articles regularly, feel free to share them with us as well.

Written by: Aidan

In the numerous hours you’ve spent surfing the Internet, I’m sure you’ve come across countless online content with titles that start with numerals and go along the lines of these headings like “40 Most Inspiring…“, “65 Incredible…“, and “10 Most Popular…“. Content with titles such as these are called – List Articles and regardless of the content being design related or not, list articles are fast becoming a highly popular trend in the blogging sphere.

List articles
Image from: HippoPapa+mum

Popular social media sites like Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon or Twitter also play a huge role in circulating list articles among web savvy individuals like you. This begs the question, what is it about list articles that allows it to thrive in social media sites? Today we take a closer look at some of the reasons behind the success of this fast-growing trend.

Why are List Articles so Popular?

List articles are usually defined as a round-up, mash-up or a consolidated article. The nature of these types of articles does not allow an in depth discussion about the subject matter. Instead, they give an overall view of the topic by showcasing big, clear and attractive visuals for the reader to enjoy.

Fast and Easy is a Plus

The popularity of products like instant noodles, fast food outlets and 3-in-1 shampoo says a lot about the nature of people today. Convenience is of utmost importance and to be able to get something fast and easy is a plus. This stems from the fact that our society is becoming more impatient and they want to be able to obtain information and answers quickly and effortlessly.

Instant drinks
Image from: Adreamdeferred

Think of list articles as a mini one-stop-centre, where inspiration and creative ideas are stocked. List articles ensure that you get all the information you need, all in one link, without having to open multiple tabs. With a good list article, all the work is done for you. As such, list articles have become popular with readers today. In time, with the rise in the supply and demand of list articles, blogs that ride the popularity wave of this trend will continue to gain followers and exposure.

Make them Bite Size

Statistics have shown that people read slower online. Although many online articles are intriguing, our eyes tire more easily when reading from a monitor as compared to reading from a hardcopy source like books, magazines or newspapers. As such when consolidating information in a list article, keeping it bite sized helps the reader absorb the information more easily and quickly.

Bite Size
Image from: Bakerella

The use of pretty images and concise text is one of the main characteristics of the list article. This saves the reader’s time and energy as they would not have to surf through hundreds of web pages to obtain information.

Easy Access List

Search engine results do not remain the same even if you input the exact same key words because there are always changes and newer web pages available. As such links obtained from a previous search may not be listed in the new search results.

Easy access

List articles function like a mini library in which links and information is grouped accordingly by subject matter. Users now only need to bookmark one list article link to be able to gain access to all the relevant websites regarding the topic of interest.

Inspiration Provider

List articles also help those in need of inspiration and creativity as they consolidate large amounts of information and images of any given subject in one list. This means that you do not have to go through the time-consuming and tedious work of sifting through galleries and articles to figure out what the latest trend is.

Library of Inspiration
Image from: Kelly Mason

If you are having problems designing your next portfolio, browsing through some list articles may help you get a little inspiration, and clear you of your Designer’s Block. Leer más “Reviewing List Articles Trend: 30 Powerhouse and Prospective Design Blogs”

Customers and Innovation: Not Only Advantages

by Stefan Lindegaard
I recently did some research that once again led me to this great report by Vinova; Managing Open Innovation – Present Findings and Future Directions.

Here I found some interesting insights from Enkel, Kausch and Gassman who states that there are not only advantages, but also negative sides of integrating customers in the innovation process. This is the abstract from the Vinova report.

Loss of know-how — Involve trustworthy customers, chose the moment and develop IP agreements.

Dependence on customers’ views — Chose the ‘right’ customers and work with a mix of customers.

Dependence on customers’ demands or personality — Avoid exclusivity agreements, work with HR to understand customers and their culture and apply open communication.

Limitations to mere incremental innovation — Work with lead users and indirect users, use the right method to include customers and chose an intelligent timing.

Serving a niche market only — Use different customers in different stages of the innovation process and pay attention to the search field process.

Misunderstandings between customers and employers — Develop solid relationships with customers, use the right tools and develop suitable incentive systems.

I found this to be good insights worth sharing with you.

P.S. – Thanks to Ralph Ohr you can find the full report by Enkel, Kausch and Gassman here: Managing the Risk of Customer Integration

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Data Visualization Tool: Mondrian

I just found this amazing free tool that can do some smart data visualization with the simplest sets of data comparing to other visualization tools. You can just import basic excel files or even txt files with huge chunk of data and it will categorize and visualize them.

Graphics and interface might not be as sexy as what you see on informationisbeautiful, but it can definitely help you understand the relationships between groups of numbers. It generates basic bar graphs as well as graphs like below.

Download it and play around with their sample data, you will see what I mean.

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