Surveillance-limiting USA Freedom Act fails to clear Senate

It seems a last-minute plea by tech heavyweights, such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook, didn’t work — bear in mind that these companies are all hurt by (well-founded) foreign mistrust. The endorsement of President Barack Obama also failed to help.


The U.S. Senate has blocked the USA Freedom Bill by giving it two votes fewer than it needed to pass. The bill would have ended the bulk collection of phone records and internet metadata within the U.S., so that’s a real shame – such collection amounts to a form of mass surveillance.

On the other hand, it would also have extended Section 215 and certain other provisions of the Patriot Act, the post-9/11 legislation that underpins much of both domestic and foreign surveillance, beyond their June 1, 2015 expiry date. These provisions lets U.S. authorities demand that carriers and companies such as Facebook and Twitter hand over their business records in secret, obtain surveillance orders that don’t identify the target, and secretly spy on foreigners within U.S. borders. So that’s less of a shame – by the analysis of some including Jim Sensenbrenner, the USA Freedom Act’s co-author…

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Developers, start your engines: Android Auto APIs arrive

The company first announced Android Auto at its Google I/O event in June and has gained more than two dozen car maker partners by creating the Open Automotive Alliance to challenge Apple’s CarPlay initiative. Some partners also support Apple CarPlay so it’s highly likely we’ll see a few “cross-platform” cars in 2015.


Google published its first Android Auto APIs on Tuesday, hoping to jump-start Android applications that work seamlessly with cars. Apps using the new APIs can’t actually be published yet although Google is already working with a number of app partners, so the wait shouldn’t be too long. Google said it will show off some Android Auto software this month at the L.A. Auto Show.

To get developers started, [company]Google[/company] is limiting the ways an existing Android app can be extended to the car. The initial APIs will allow for messaging and audio so that auto dashboards can show incoming notifications, accept replies through voice, let users browse music or other audio content and control playback. It’s just a start, although these two activities are low-hanging fruit for Google.

Google said the extended apps — once publishable, of course, will work directly though the car’s radio deck as well as through connected steering…

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Una imagen vale más que mil palabras, el nuevo desarrollo de Google

“Two pizzas sitting on top of a stove top oven”
“A group of people shopping at an outdoor market”
“Best seats in the house”

People can summarize a complex scene in a few words without thinking twice. It’s much more difficult for computers. But we’ve just gotten a bit closer — we’ve developed a machine-learning system that can automatically produce captions to accurately describe images the first time it sees them.Two pizzas sitting on top of a stove top oven

El equipo de investigadores de Research at Google acaba de anunciar la creación de un sistema capaz de analizar una imagen y realizar una descipción en lenguaje natural.

“Las personas pueden describir de forma rápida una escena, pero es una tarea que a las computadoras les cuesta llevar a cabo”, dijeron los investigadores Oriol Vinyals, Alexander Toshev, Samy Bengio y Dumitru Erhan en el blog oficial de Research at Google. “Es por eso que hemos creado un sistema capaz de producir epígrafes de forma automática sobre una serie de imágenes. Leer más “Una imagen vale más que mil palabras, el nuevo desarrollo de Google”

Snapca$h habilitará la opción de enviar dinero entre usuarios

Today is a big day for us – we are launching our first product created in partnership with another company. We’re huge fans of the folks at Square and have been big admirers of Square Cash since it launched – just type a dollar amount into the subject line of an email and send cash to friends. Genius!

Se asoció con Square para crear un servicio de pagos; las transferencias se hacen con un mensaje, y se debitan de la tarjeta de crédito.
“Nos propusimos hacer los pagos más rápidos y más divertidos, pero nosotros también sabemos que la seguridad es esencial cuando estás lidiando con dinero”, dijo Snapchat en la publicación.
Snapchat dijo que Snapcash está disponible en Estados Unidos para usuarios de más de 18 años.

Facebook Grupos & FB Techwire

Un aspecto al que sí hay que prestar atención es que a pesar del lanzamiento de Facebook Grupos como aplicación móvil independiente, todos podrán mantener el acceso a sus grupos del modo que hasta hoy lo han realizado, detalla el comunicado. Facebook Groups, una aplicación para iOS de Apple y Android, según Zuckerberg, implica una mejora en la experiencia de uso, sin necesidad manteniendo todo bajo una misma aplicación.
Facebook Groups disponible para…
>> iOS 7.0 en adelante / Iphone 6 y Ipad
>> Android no disponible para tablets
>> Múltiples idiomas, incluido el español.

Donda’s House from Facebook Stories on Vimeo.

We all have groups of people that are important to us. See how people all around the world use Facebook Groups to stay connected, make plans or talk about what matters to them.

Introducing FB Techwire

Impulsada por Storyful, facilitará a los periodistas tecnológicos acceder a las principales noticias tecnológicas más importantes, permitiendo la integración de imágenes, vídeos y actualizaciones de estados dentro de sus propios contenidos…  Leer más “Facebook Grupos & FB Techwire”