Google+ New “My Business”, métricas al fin!

Google Streamlines Its Tools for Small Businesses

The Google My Business platform consolidated many of the tools included in Pages and Places and made them simpler to use,  Mr. Croom said; the process was similar to Facebook’s decision to rework its ad platform earlier this year after receiving complaints from small-business users. Mr. Croom said that Google wanted to simplify its tools because small-business owners were often overwhelmed by the available technologies.

Business owners can sign up at Google My Business and from that portal update their search, maps and Google Plus information. They will also be able to see reviews of their business from across the web and to review activity on their Google Plus page and analytics for their website. And they can integrate information from AdWords and AdWords Express. The company said it planned to release a Google My Business app for Android as early as Wednesday and for iOS by the end of the month.

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