How Leading Advertisers Are Using Search for Brand Building, Think with Google, June 2014

How Leading Advertisers Are Using Search for Brand Building

Sports Fans and the Second Screen

Sports fans shout at the screen with the roar of the crowd. But what triggers them to reach for their devices while watching a game?


of people now watch TV with a laptop, phone or tablet nearby.

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YouTube Ads Leaderboard

Gamers Descend on E3…Virtually

Not on the list for an exclusive event? No problem! Learn how gaming fans used digital tools to virtually attend the year’s biggest gaming event.


E3-related searches were for “livestreams” during last year’s E3.

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The Curved Experiment with Samsung

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“Todo el que trabaje tan duro como nuestros socios debería tener la oportunidad de completar su carrera en la universidad” / Vía @hectorgbarnes

Starbucks pagará la carrera a sus empleados, incluso si no se quedan en la empresa

“Apoyar las ambiciones de nuestros socios es la mejor inversión que Starbucks puede hacer”, explica Schultz. “Todo el que trabaje tan duro como nuestros socios debería tener la oportunidad de completar su carrera en la universidad, al mismo tiempo que la compagina con el trabajo, la escuela y su vida personal”. Puede parecer un pequeño paso para una gran empresa, pero es un gran paso para un país en el que las deudas de los estudiantes se han multiplicado durante los últimos años. Y que quizá, como sugiere Burrows, se traslade pronto a las filiales de Starbucks de otros países como España.

“No requerimos o esperamos que los socios que se unan a este programa se queden con nosotros después de graduarse”, explica en The Wall Street Journal  Cliff Burrows, presidente de la división estadounidense de la marca. “Esperamos que se queden con nosotros y crezcan con nosotros, pero son libres de pasar al siguiente nivel en sus carreras y en sus vidas”. Leer más ““Todo el que trabaje tan duro como nuestros socios debería tener la oportunidad de completar su carrera en la universidad” / Vía @hectorgbarnes”

Google+ New “My Business”, métricas al fin!

Google Streamlines Its Tools for Small Businesses

The Google My Business platform consolidated many of the tools included in Pages and Places and made them simpler to use,  Mr. Croom said; the process was similar to Facebook’s decision to rework its ad platform earlier this year after receiving complaints from small-business users. Mr. Croom said that Google wanted to simplify its tools because small-business owners were often overwhelmed by the available technologies.

Business owners can sign up at Google My Business and from that portal update their search, maps and Google Plus information. They will also be able to see reviews of their business from across the web and to review activity on their Google Plus page and analytics for their website. And they can integrate information from AdWords and AdWords Express. The company said it planned to release a Google My Business app for Android as early as Wednesday and for iOS by the end of the month.

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The Importance of ‘Soft Skills’ by @surrie_dilectus

Here’s my thoughts on what soft skills you will need to be successful within your career (in addition to your technical and educational background): Empathy / Ownership / Self-Control / Integrity / Honesty

From experience of recruiting into such a technical industry, I would advise that it is critical to your success that you brush up on these soft skills. They will positively influence your progress during interviews and within the organisation. Organisations find it hard to sometimes identify these skills, so it falls upon me to uncover what the employer is actually looking for, and to drill these into the prospective candidate!

Surrie Fullard

Recruitment Professional: Oil & Gas, Subsea, Drilling & Exploration etc. For the latest perm/contract roles:

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