Use a Task Map to Improve Your Team’s Performance

The first thing she did was assess leadership team members’ skills by looking at their past accomplishments and the results of 360-degree assessments. Next, she listed their primary, secondary, and tertiary abilities on a whiteboard. This allowed her to see redundancies and gaps that had arisen over time. For example, four directors were strong in analysis but only one had well-developed project-management skills. And although the group was responsible for educating thousands of employees each year, there were only two people with a talent for training and teaching.

Google Acquires To Help Spot And Stop Online Ad Fraud

Advertising helps fund the digital world we love today — inspiring videos, informative websites, entertaining apps and services that connect us with friends around the world. But this vibrant ecosystem only flourishes if marketers can buy media online with the confidence that their ads are reaching real people, that results they see are based on actual interest. To grow the pie for everyone, we need to take head on the issue of online fraud.