Infographic: What Consumers Want—And How to Give It to Them

By The Team | Yahoo Advertising

Online shoppers are comfortable receiving targeted ads and more prone to act on them, says new study


There are some misconceptions about online consumers that marketers must push aside to engage more effectively with them, says today’s infographic, based on a recent study by Sociomantic Labs.

For example, online shopping isn’t a leisurely, recreational pursuit for most consumers. Nearly half go to a specific site with a specific product in mind and purchase it, says the study. And far from being put off by personalized ads, the majority of consumers are comfortable receiving them on PCs, mobile devices, and social sites—and they’re much more likely to act on them, too.

Some interesting habits of online consumers:

  • 58% put an item in their shopping cart only when they’re planning to buy it
  • 70% are comfortable receiving ads and content specifically targeted to them
  • 52% are more likely to act on a targeted PC ad versus 26% for non-targeted ads
  • 67% are more likely to act on a targeted mobile coupon vs 35% for non-targeted coupons

The key takeaway is that online consumers have come to expect, appreciate and respond to personalized ads. That point was made loud and clear in our study “Smart Mobile: How Mobility Influences Category Shopping,” in which 49% of mobile shoppers said they preferred personalized ads. For more perspectives, see “For Online Travel Shoppers, Personalized Ads are the Only Way to Fly” and “Introducing New Opportunities With Yahoo! Stream Ads,” our new native ad format that matches the content of pages being viewed by online users.


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