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According to comScore, 210 million unique visitors see ads served by the Google Display Network each month in the US alone.

That’s as many viewers as all of the Emmy-nominated dramas put together! It’s hard to visualize the full Google Display ecosystem in terms of numbers alone, so we’ve created an infographic to show some of our great partner sites and the metrics (like the 1 trillion monthly impressions) they generate:

Reach | Relevance | Trust

Even given those big numbers, though, marketers know that sheer volume isn’t where successful ads start. The real magic lies in the connection one ad makes with one consumer at a moment that counts. That’s why the place where the brand meets the consumer is so important. When a publisher has a close relationship with users, it’s like the ad is being introduced by a trusted friend.


«One of the biggest advantages of working with Google is obviously the reach, and most importantly for us, thetrusted reach, that Google brings to the table.»

– Ronan Gardiner
Publisher, Men’s Health

«… Men’s Health now has more than 125,000 subscribers on tablets, enabling them to bring, as Ronan explains, “a totally cross-platform, synergistic opportunity to advertisers to speak to our guys whenever and wherever they’re engaging with our content.”  But on a personal device like a smartphone, the trusted reach that Ronan Gardiner talks about is all the more important.


«Our audience is 60% women, 40% men, between the ages of 25 and 45. If advertisers know who they want to reach, we’re perfect for them.” 

– Maxwell Ryan
CEO & Founder, Apartment Therapy


«Our audience is very passionate about food and they’ve come to trust us. So advertisers who advertise on SeriousEats develop that same credibility with our audience and their product.»


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