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La constante conectividad de los consumidores ha creado nuevos modos de compra. ¡Descubra cómo medir el valor que esto genera en su empresa

Eliminating Programmatic Confusion – The Road to Publisher Clarity – vía @iab

By Carl Kalapesi

AB releases Publisher’s perspectives on programmatic as first part in educational series

Programmatic buying and selling of advertising, real-time  bidding, and marketing automation is changing the way we transact digital media. Though numbers are very sketchy, by some accounts over 20% of all digital advertising is sold “programmatically” – and it’s growing rapidly.


There is significant confusion in the marketplace around the meaning of terms like “programmatic”, “RTB”, “programmatic direct”, “programmatic premium”, and other verbiage, often being used interchangeably. New technologies are emerging which are creating significant value, but there is also a lack of clear technical standards to ensure interoperability across different platforms. Buyers and sellers are concerned with the limited transparency and number of vendors involved in the programmatic transaction.  And programmatic raises internal, organizational challenges for brands and agencies, and particularly for publishers with their existing direct sales teams and incentives.

Agencies and their clients have a lot to lose if programmatic isn’t implemented coherently: a set of technologies that aim to create market efficiencies could, instead, create a fragmented, illiquid marketplace if each media agency insists on creating its own proprietary marketplace with its own standards and its own technologies.

Tendencias de marketing digital by QDQ media – vía @QDQmedia


“The Definition of Advertising Has Never Been More Unclear” @Adweek CC/ @r2rothenberg

…Source of both opportunity and crisis

For most of the past 100 years, if a marketer said he needed a new advertising campaign, everybody knew what that meant. The machine turned on. The marketer called the agency of record’s account team. The account team composed a brief capturing the strategy and called in the wild and wooly creatives to bring it to life.

The writers and designers applied their art to one or more of these four finite canvases: the television commercial, full-page print ad, radio ad or billboard. Maybe they would sprinkle in a few coupons. The public played along, too; with no ad blockers or DVRs, they just consumed advertising (or ignored it) en masse. It all just worked.

But it doesn’t anymore. Now, there is no machine or even consensus on the basic definition of advertising. And that is the source of both opportunity and crisis.

Today’s media landscape keeps getting more diverse—it’s broadcast, cable and streaming; it’s online, tablet and smartphone; it’s video, rich media, social media, branded content, banners, apps, in-app advertising and interactive technology products like Sherwin-Williams’ Chip It! It’s even physical interactive gear, like Nike+ Fuelband. Pushed an inch farther, the new Google Chromecast dongle could fit under that marketing classification, and the smart watches on the horizon will be yet another platform. Leer más ““The Definition of Advertising Has Never Been More Unclear” @Adweek CC/ @r2rothenberg”

Crowdfunding y social media: una evolución conjunta – vía @RedesSocialesES

Que el mundo social media ha cambiado muchas cosas en la red no es ningún secreto y creo que todos los que hemos podido navegar en la era anterior y en la actual, en la que las redes sociales se han apoderado de casi todo hemos sido conscientes de la evolución que ha sufrido. Y aunque hace un momento hemos hecho un análisis muy relacionado, cuando hablamos del ecommerce y del social media, en este caso vamos a pasarnos a un concepto de la época del nacimiento de los social media actuales, el crowdfunding, e intentaremos ver cómo los social media han influido en su evolución.

Crowdfunding y social media: una evolución conjunta


La verdad es que si en sí mismas las consideras redes sociales entonces es cierto que la influencia es aún mayor en este mundillo, porque para aquellos puristas que creen que social media lo son plataformas como Facebook o twitter, tampoco cabe duda el papel que juegan estas de cara al funcionamiento del crowdfunding, con lo que hablaríamos de una evolución de ambos conceptos prácticamente de la mano, y el éxito de las redes sociales en sí mismas ha garantizado que las plataformas de crodwfunding estén hoy dónde están.

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