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The Main Differences Between Facebook & Google+ | vía @PlusDaily

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Google Plus Daily

Facebook or Google Plus?  

Facebook, once the darling of the social media world, is starting to lose its sheen. With the new restrictions on what people can see, privacy issues, increasing advertising, promoted posts and less relevant content in news feeds, many people are starting to look for alternatives.

Fortunately, there’s an interactive, well supported, rapidly growing, easy to use social network that’s ready for you right now, Google Plus. In this article, we’ll explore some of the similarities, and differences between the two networks, answer some of your questions and let you know how to make the switch.

Hang on, isn’t Google Plus a ghost town?

Google Plus has certainly had this criticism levelled at it many times in the past, and once, that might have been true. When the network first launched, it was quite tricky to find other members and interact with them. Now, that’s all changed.

In late 2012, Google Plus launched Communities, interactive forums where people with common interests could gather and discuss the things important to them; some of these communities have around 50,000 members! 
They also improved their ‘Find People’ functionality, making it easy to find former colleagues and classmates, review your existing contact lists and providing suggestions for interesting people to follow.
This, together with Google’s continued promotion and support of the network means that it’s now the second biggest social media network in the world with 340 million users active there every month.

OK, so what is the main difference between Facebook and Google Plus?

If there’s one main difference, I’d say it’s this:
  • Facebook focuses on connecting you with your existing friends and your relationships with them
  • Google Plus helps you build new connections, find interesting people and discover content that can surprise and delight you
That’s not to say that Facebook can’t help you discover new things, or that Google Plus can’t help you stay in touch with your current friends, far from it. 

Google Plus is simply setup to let you define exactly what you want to see and from whom, whilst also highlighting some of the best people, content and thinking so you can expand your interests and horizons.

How does that work? How can I control what I (and others) see in Google Plus?

When you follow people in Google Plus (just like friending them on Facebook), you can add that person to one or more Google Plus ‘Circles’. You can make these circles about anything you like: you might have one for family members, one for business colleagues, another one for people that post awesome photographs and another for popular science.

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Las 10 apps más utilizadas en el mundo

Dentro de las 10 aplicaciones más utilizadas en el mundo por los usuarios de smartphones son las redes sociales y mensajería, de acuerdo con GlobalWebIndex.
Estas aplicaciones permiten a los negocios estar en contacto con sus clientes e implantar estrategias de 
marketing digital innovadoras. El estudio hecho público a través del sitio Statista revela que el 54 por ciento de los usuarios de smartphone utiliza Google Maps, que es la aplicación móvil más popular.

Después sigue Facebook, que es utilizado por el 44 por ciento de las personas con un smartphone.

Enseguida destacan YouTube Google+, con 35% y 30%, respectivamente.

En quinto puesto se ubica la aplicación para chat WeChat, con 27 por ciento.

Las siguientes cinco aplicaciones móviles más utilizadas en el mundo son:Twitter (22%), Skype (22%), Facebook Messenger (22%), WhatsApp (17%) e Instagram (11%).

A continuación te presentamos la gráfica que reproducen Statista y Mashable de las 10 aplicaciones móviles que más se utilizan en el mundo:

Por: Daniel Vivanco

Las 5 marcas con mayor crecimiento en Google+

Con 500 millones de usuarios a nivel mundial, Google+ es la quinta red social, cuyos países con mayor penetración son Estados Unidos e India, de acuerdo conTreceBits. Las marcas que optan porGoogle+ es porque ofrece una exposición adicional a las búsquedas en Google, ayudándoles a posicionarse en el mercado.

De acuerdo con Socialbakers, las marcas que mayor crecimiento tuvieron durante la última semana en esta red social fueron CinemexVolkswagen de MéxicoCentro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, A.C.Chevrolet México  y Nokia México.