Marc Andreessen: Someday We’ll Feel ‘Naked and Lonely’ Without Google Glass

“If these eyeglasses were worn during a poker game, they could be used to broadcast a patron’s hand to a confederate or otherwise be used in a collusive manner,” New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement director, David Rebuck, wrote in a memo reported on by the Associated Press last week.


While privacy watchdogs fret over the possibility that people wearing Google Glass might photograph or even video record others without their knowledge, at least one tech luminary is predicting that someday we’ll grow so comfortable with the wearable technology that we’ll feel “naked and lonely” without it.

Marc Andreessen, who co-created the first mainstream web browser and is now a leading Silicon Valley investor, told CNBC on Wednesday: “I believe in the dream … the idea of having the internet with you all the time, being able to see, like, literally have the internet in your field of vision. And then also, right, the other thing with Glass is to be able to talk to it and then it talks back to you. It basically just wraps you in all the information you would ever need all the time. I think people are gonna find that they’re gonna feel basically naked…

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