The strange and unbelievable similarities in Google, Facebook, and Apple’s PRISM denials

In the aftermath of the news, public officials, including the director of national intelligence James R. Clapper, denounced the news reports — not by denying them, but by saying their publication was a security risk, thus indirectly confirming the existence of the PRISM program.
These denials of the report all seem oddly similar, with Facebook chiming in most recently to also say it hasn’t heard of PRISM.
Let’s look at each of these three points in turn.
They aren’t accessing our servers directly
This claim hinges on one word, “directly.” Just because the government isn’t accessing these companies’ servers “directly” doesn’t mean that the data is completely inaccessible. If that was the case, we’d have nothing to worry about. But, as these companies have explained themselves, there is a transfer of data that occurs when compelled by law.

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