How to be mediocre

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Last week my brilliant friend and colleague Paula Boyle shared a list of ways to ensure a mediocre life and career with the group we were working with:

1 – Stay in your Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is a space where we feel safe and relatively competent.  The space beyond mediocrity requires a journey through risk, discomfort and learning new skills on the way to excellence.  Unless we are willing to embrace the discomfort zone, we will never find it.

2 – Partly believe in yourself, but remember to criticise yourself regularly

If we don’t believe in ourselves, why would anyone else?  These first two on this list create a catch 22, that we have to break out of.  If we stay in our comfort zone it makes it harder to create the evidence of something for ourselves or others to believe in.  If we don’t believe in ourselves…

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