Heineken – The Wall of Opportunities – @Heineken

Open Your World at “The Wall of Opportunities”

During Milan Design Week 2013, Heineken invited everybody to Open Your World at “The Wall of Opportunities”. A 64-doors design installation to reveal a mix of art performance, theatre, live music and stunts.

‘Slow-Motion’ en YouTube – thnks @eleconomistaes

Los usuarios podrán desde este miércoles editar sus vídeos en el modo ‘slow-motion

La plataforma de vídeos de Google, YouTube, ha añadido una nueva herramienta para la edición de vídeos: toda la acción del vídeo suceda a cámara lenta. Para que los usuarios puedan sacar el máximo partido a esta herramienta, desde YouTube explican cómo utilizarlo.

CMO Wake-Up Call: Actionable Insights Await In The Contact Center – thnxz @incontactCMO

Marketers are abuzz over numerous new ways to reach out and engage with customers“.

by Mariann McDonagh. Follow Mariann @incontactCMO

Social media is becoming a mainstay, mobile marketing is surging, and voice-of-the-customer (VoC) research programs are in vogue. Marketers are even setting up command centers to track and analyze online customer feedback. We’re learning how to listen, relate, adjust, and respond to customers in ways we never imagined.


  • The contact center presents a unique opportunity to hear the real voice of the customer.

  • Actual customer conversations are potentially more authentic than research gleaned from controlled studies.

  • Your contact center is on the front line of customer service

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