LinkedAge, la red social para abuelos


LinkedAge is a communication tool that serves elderly to exchange the accomodation facilities in different regions over the world, to create networks, increase mobility and promote social inclusion of elderly.


Communication platform LINKEDAGE provides global logistic facility for networking, creates a tool for extend mobility for elderly. It opens wide possibilities for accessibility to social infrastructure in the variety of destinations supported by diversified social services. Together with the increased visibility of different culture structures it presents leverage for higher quality of life for elderly.

It is an ICT tool with the objective to support networks and meet social objectives by extention of the activation period of elderly. With the exchange of place and area of living their independency period can be prolonged without being dependent on “external” support provided by relatives or nursing personnel. Consequently, with the activities of exchange and the extention of activation period, the period of dependency and of possible extra social costs and costs of national social and health system would be decreased.

With LinkedAge platform elderly may participate in the process of creation of new products for better services and consequently, to better quality and improved standard of social services provided in the region. It enables an exchange of good practices and the transfer of positive experiences from one area to another. Therefore the objective of promotion of the same or similar level of services for comparable groups of population will be achieved.

LinkedAge is an efficiency based infrastructure that contributes to better management of social housing in the region, with the optimization of the available capacities in social care houses, such as nursing homes and sheltered housing and the like. On the other hand, given that the population during this period are often not limited by time travel, but to a greater extent with the resources available, this represents a major opportunity for seasonal adjustment of tourist flows. It certainly affects the possibility of generating increased demand for specific services, which include travel and tourism products to the health and well-being, as well as service providers of accommodation facilities of social infrastructure, including homes and sheltered housing.

The development of residential tourism will show the possibility of exchange of accommodation facilities on the one hand and an additional supply of such accommodation facilities on the other, further contributing to market development services for this population. Residential tourism is a result of the convergence of several factors, including demographic and motivational conditions for migration. Social mobility is one of , but very important dimension of the migration of integration of micro and macro structures.

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