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By Jacque Wilson, CNN

Today we use DNA tests to tell us about all kinds of things — from Justin Bieber’s baby daddy status to theinnocence of a man sitting on death row. But genetic scientists are doing more than trying to prove Bigfoot’s existence.

Here are five cool things DNA testing can do:

Map your family tree

A $99 DNA test could give you thousands of new relatives (although if they’re anything like ours, we’re not sure why you’d want them). Sites such as Ancestry.com offer to compare your DNA to those they already have on record in hopes of connecting you to unknown branches of your family tree. Ancestry.com’s test can also tell you your genetic ethnicity.

A growing body of research suggests that our ability to lose weight is shaped in large part by our genes.
A growing body of research suggests that our ability to lose weight is shaped in large part by our genes.

“The new test looks at a massive amount of your DNA … and compares it to other DNA samples from around the world. By detecting similarities, we can trace back generations to connect you to the lands your ancestors once called home,” the site states.

Solve ancient mysteries

No one knew where Richard III, one of the most famous kings of England, was buried until his remains were discovered in a parking lot in Leicester.

The remains showed evidence of battle wounds and scoliosis, but scientists weren’t sure the skeleton was Richard III’s until DNA extracted from the bones was matched to Michael Ibsen, a direct descendant of the king’s sister.

It wasn’t the first time ancient remains had been identified using DNA. If it’s stored in a cold, dry, dark place, DNA can last for thousands of years. In 2009, a DNA analysis of some bone fragments showed two of Czar Nicholas II’s children were killed along with the rest of the family during the Russian Revolution, despite speculation they could have escaped.

Scientists have even extracted DNA from Neanderthals, who went extinct about 30,000 years ago, in hopes of gaining insight into the evolution of humans.

Shakespeare, thou art stored in DNA

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