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Link: Google didn’t comply with Argentina’s request to remove NSFW video of president (Ars Technica)

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Es algo usual y frecuente que diversos tribunales y organismos de gobierno de todo el mundo le soliciten a Google que retiren material desde YouTube, Blogger, el buscador, o cualquier otro servicio de la compañía por diversos motivos (y que no son necesariamente el slogan ‘malvados gobiernos que buscan censurar a sus ciudadanos’, porque a veces son incitaciones al odio o la violencia, difamaciones, no cumplir con la ley electoral, etcétera).

Como parte de la política de transparencia de la empresa de Mountain View, ellos realizan informes públicos donde divulgan, “con ciertas limitaciones, el número de solicitudes que cada gobierno envía en períodos de seis meses“.

Mientras que el informe de mediados del año pasado reveló que el gobierno que lideró las solicitudes para retirar material de Google fue Estados Unidos con unos 3.800 items vía órdenes judiciales, este año el país que realizó más solicitudes fue Turquía con 8.751 solicitudes, donde Google aceptó retirar el 62% de éstas.

El caso argentino

Sin embargo, hay algo que destacó de una forma bastante picaresca Google sobre una solicitud realizada por el gobierno argentino: “Se nos solicitó eliminar un video de YouTube que presuntamente difama a la Presidenta, ya que la describe en una posición comprometedora. Conforme a los Lineamientos de la comunidad de YouTube, restringimos el acceso al video sobre la base de la edad de los usuarios“.

El video en cuestión no es otro que el polémico videoclip de una banda de Miami llamada “The Rockadictos”, quienes lanzaron un videoclip de su canción “Un mensaje más” en septiembre del 2012, donde muestra en una animación muy subida de tono de la presidenta de ese país, Cristina Fernández.

El líder de la banda admitió en una entrevista que tiene miedo que el tema “Un mensaje más” sea utilizado con fines políticos, pues su idea siempre fue mostrar “de cómo la persona que tiene el poder se excita con el poder. El final habla de excitarse con la mirada de los demás, saber que estás haciendo algo bueno o malo, y que estás siendo visto por los demás. Eso es excitante para el que tiene el poder, en cualquier país y estés en el partido que estés“.

Anuncio publicitario

Consoles that won’t die: The Atari Jaguar

Atari’s report to stockholders that year was bleak: “From the introduction of Jaguar in late 1993 through the end of 1995, Atari sold approximately 125,000 units of Jaguar. As of December 31, 1995, Atari had approximately 100,000 units of Jaguar in inventory … . There can be no assurance that Atari’s substantial unsold inventory of Jaguar and related software can be sold at current or reduced prices if at all.”

Pushing for better tablet apps, Google adds new developer optimization tool

Android tablets essentially began life as super-sized smartphones, meaning apps weren’t optimally sized for bigger screens. This was a valid early criticism of Android tablets that I witnessed firsthand in 2010 when I bought a 7-inch Galaxy Tab. I often found very large buttons in apps or text that didn’t fit properly in a section of an app.

Unlike Apple’s approach — which offers apps specific both phones and tablets (save for the universal apps) — Google doesn’t support have tablet-specific apps. Instead, the company created guidelines and coding tools for apps to work properly on both phones and tablets with a single .apk installation file. But developers have to take advantage of these and properly code for different screen sizes. Not all of them do; in fact, I’d say a fair amount actually don’t. Hence, Google is trying to subtly nudge developers to do so with the new optimization tips tool.


For the second time in two weeks, Google(s goog) is showing increasingly serious commitment to Android tablet applications. Last week, the company announced support for tablet app screenshots in the Google Play store. On Thursday, Google introduced a new tablet optimization tips tool in its developer dashboard.

The new tool allows developers to see how their app «is doing against basic guidelines for tablet app distribution and quality.» That means upon uploading a new or updated version of an Android app, developers will get instant feedback on how well their software is optimized for Android tablets.

Google tablet optimization tip

If a developer didn’t target the right screen sizes or Android version for tablets, for example, they’ll get a reminder to do so. After addressing the un-optimized app components, devs can then upload a version better suited for larger-screen Android devices.

So why the big push? I can think of two reasons:…

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5 cool things DNA testing can do – thnxz so much @cnnhealth

By Jacque Wilson, CNN

Today we use DNA tests to tell us about all kinds of things — from Justin Bieber’s baby daddy status to theinnocence of a man sitting on death row. But genetic scientists are doing more than trying to prove Bigfoot’s existence.

Here are five cool things DNA testing can do:

Map your family tree

A $99 DNA test could give you thousands of new relatives (although if they’re anything like ours, we’re not sure why you’d want them). Sites such as Ancestry.com offer to compare your DNA to those they already have on record in hopes of connecting you to unknown branches of your family tree. Ancestry.com’s test can also tell you your genetic ethnicity.

A growing body of research suggests that our ability to lose weight is shaped in large part by our genes.
A growing body of research suggests that our ability to lose weight is shaped in large part by our genes.

«The new test looks at a massive amount of your DNA … and compares it to other DNA samples from around the world. By detecting similarities, we can trace back generations to connect you to the lands your ancestors once called home,» the site states.

Solve ancient mysteries

No one knew where Richard III, one of the most famous kings of England, was buried until his remains were discovered in a parking lot in Leicester.

The remains showed evidence of battle wounds and scoliosis, but scientists weren’t sure the skeleton was Richard III’s until DNA extracted from the bones was matched to Michael Ibsen, a direct descendant of the king’s sister.

It wasn’t the first time ancient remains had been identified using DNA. If it’s stored in a cold, dry, dark place, DNA can last for thousands of years. In 2009, a DNA analysis of some bone fragments showed two of Czar Nicholas II’s children were killed along with the rest of the family during the Russian Revolution, despite speculation they could have escaped.

Scientists have even extracted DNA from Neanderthals, who went extinct about 30,000 years ago, in hopes of gaining insight into the evolution of humans.

Shakespeare, thou art stored in DNA

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High Performance Landing Page Templates for High Funnel Keywords – Thnxs @ioninteractive



At this year’s Conversion Conference in San Francisco, I had the pleasure of presenting three tactics for getting more bang for your paid search buck. I say it was a pleasure, because it truly was. You see, prior to falling into this crazy world of post-click marketing, I was a pre-click kind of gal. My life revolved around SEO, social media, online PR and of course, PPC.

With the paid search world always in the back of my mind, it was just awesome to present on a topic that merged PPC and optimization so well. Plus, who doesn’t want more bang for their buck, am I right?


As post-click marketers, we understand that every click your visitors make leads them somewhere and we happen to think that should be amazing post-click experiences. The only way to make them amazing to your paid search visitors, is to ensure that they’re giving visitors the right information in the easiest to digest format.

This varies greatly based on whether your visitors search query is considered a high or low funnel keyword. It’s this differentiation that gives you the first opportunity to get more return on your spend. Let’s start with the basic layout. This is what I refer to as PPC meets Landing Page, 101:

Once you’ve identified the type of traffic you have, high or low funnel, you can then start to really think about the type of experience best suited to that visitor’s mindset and where they are in the buying cycle. This is a crucial step.

The Right Format for High Funnel Keywords
Remember, these people aren’t ready to buy, they’re seeking more information and it’s your job to give it to them…without asking for anything in return. These experiences need to:

  • Stay problem-focused and solution-driven. It’s about selling the solution, not your product
  • Include industry-leading proof and build expert credibility
  • Serve a lot of masters coming from a wide range of wants and needs
  • Please everyone without disappointing anyone

You see, the challenge with creating landing pages for high funnel keywords, is that you don’t really have a read on your visitor yet and they certainly may not know you. At this point, the goal should be delivering lots of rich content that meets a variety of complex needs without overwhelming anyone and still directing them to an end conversion (easy, right?).

In reality, it’s not easy. In fact, it’s downright hard and often requires a high degree of template creativity and content control.

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It’s not always about ads, as data researchers use Facebook likes to gauge public health

“I’d hope that people would look to this data source to understand how it can improve our understanding of chronic diseases and population-level conditions,” Rumi Chunara, an instructor at Harvard Medical School and an author of the study, told me.


Facebook (s FB) “likes” don’t just give marketers a sense of whom to target with advertising, they’re increasingly giving public health officials valuable clues into the country’s wellbeing.

Recently, researchers at the Children’s Hospital in Boston analyzed aggregated data on users’ Facebook activity and interests to examine the connection between online social environments and obesity prevalence. They found that areas with higher percentages of people with interests related to healthy activities and fitness had lower obesity rates, while populations with a greater percentage of people who had liked or commented on television was an indicator of higher obesity rates.

Interestingly, the study found that social data about sports in general was not correlated with obesity because people may be merely watching sports or following it, not taking an active role in it.

The researchers, who published their findings in the journal PLOS ONE, not only determined that Facebook…

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Depressive Thinking Can Be Contagious

“Thinking styles are a really important factor in risk for depression,” says the study’s lead author Gerald Haeffel, associate professor of clinical psychology at Notre Dame University, “How one thinks about life stress and negative moods is one of the best predictors that we have of future depression.”

Haeffel and his colleagues recognized that starting life in a college dorm — with students transitioning from the familiarity of high school and family and venturing into a completely new social setting — would serve as an ideal real-world laboratory for studying how social connections and thinking styles of some students can influence others, and how these interactions can affect depression.

“For many freshmen, going to college is a seminal life transition,” he says. “They are moving away from home for the first time, and their social context is turned on its head. An important feature of our design was that students were randomly assigned to roommates. This means that students were not able to actively choose someone to live with. [They] had to live with a stranger who might have a completely different style of thinking.” //@gabrielcatalano


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