Disappearing Packaging

That’s right, nothing. Just packaging. Packaging for NOTHING! It pains me as a designer that someone actually came up with this, with developers and retailers then thinking it was a good enough idea to manufacture it and sell it on the high street to unsuspecting customers.

A lot of this waste is not necessarily the fault of the consumer, I definitely think that more could be done by designers at the packaging development stage to think and act creatively about how products and goods are housed. Many companies are starting to address this, albeit driven by costs of materials in packaging affecting their profits rather than environmental factors, however many products are still over-packaged.

Whilst reducing waste is a step in the right direction, designer Aaron Mickelson is striving to eliminate waste entirely. The idea is that by designing packaging that is 100% functional to the product itself, it can very simply ‘disappear’ by the time you have finished (or even started) using it.

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With landfill sites overflowing, and an ever-increasing focus on people recycling and reusing materials we still have a lot of waste thrown away.  Even recently the UK government’s waste advisor Wrap announced that retailers were failing to meet packaging waste pledges, with food, drink, and packaging waste in the UK supply chain totalling about 6.6m tonnes a year, and costing £5bn!

I’ve posted on the topic of packaging before with the very clever idea of Universal Packaging and everyone’s favourite guilty culprit Easter Eggs, but a quick search online reveals websites and entire Flickr groups dedicated to absurdly packaged items.

Do headphones necessarily need large vacuum-formed plastic casing stapled onto a cardboard backing, or does Amazon need to use such large boxes for small individual items?

The worst offender I have come across is probably this.


That’s right, nothing.  Just packaging.  Packaging for NOTHING!  It pains me as a…

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