Below are the 4 little steps on how you retune your commitments so they keep working for you:

Set goals and make the commitments that help you to reach those goals
Stick with your commitments. Take the actions to reach your goals
Check commitments. Look if they still help you reaching your goals and thy are not working against you
Retune commitments back to the goals you want to achieve
Just remember: Set, Stick, Check, Retune. Set and Stick is not enough.
When you sing it as a song, it will stick and you keep the retune.

A Perfect Blog Post

nymarathonSet, Stick, Check, Retune.

Do you make commitments when it comes to blogging?

If you do not blog, take X. No don’t leave, take X.

And how is that working out for you? Do you regularly look if your blog is getting better because of your commitments? It might be working out great for you, but are you sure? Do you remember your goals? Or you’re just keeping your commitments?

Commitments are a great help, but make sure you keep in control.

Let me explain this: You are the boss, not your commitments

Only stick with your commitments if they keep their part of the deal. You’r not the deal breaker. Commitments that do not deliver on their promise, should be retuned. Sometimes, just drop them.

Commitments are dynamic in nature, but we tend to view them as set in stone, making it hard to keep them in tune…

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