For Savoir’s clients, who reportedly include Oprah Winfrey and Madonna, the grandeur of such a bed matters less than its comfort. The limited-edition Royal Bed boasts a mattress made with cashmere, cotton, and curled Latin American horse tail. (Horse tail wicks away moisture, helps maintain body temperature, and provides natural spring). The silk threads involved in the manufacture of just one bed would stretch all the way from New York to Miami.

It takes a lot of manpower to create the perfect night’s sleep: Each bed takes 700 hours to complete. Among the more esoteric skills involved is “hand-teasing,” a process by which artisans lay out the horse hair and cashmere, and comb through it to determine how much they need for an individual bed. The amount usually weighs in around 22 pounds. “It’s like a massive cloud of hair that’s puffed up and they’re pulling it up through their fingers,” Hughes says. “It’s like they are playing a concert piano.”

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