After five days of deliberation, the College of Cardinals voted on the Mar. 12th start date Friday, the Associated Press reports. The conclave will commence with a special morning mass at St. Peter’s Basilica followed by the first round of secret balloting in the Sistine Chapel. The cardinals will need a two-thirds majority to elect a victor. Might we suggest they find a little spiritual guidance with Spotify and Notre Dame’s papal playlist?


Those tuning in to follow the conclave convening today in the Sistine Chapel to elect a new Pope may also want to tune in to this Spotify playlist created in honor of the secret meeting.

The music streaming service teamed up with the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Liturgy to compile a lineup in celebration of the historic event. Tim O’Malley, the Center’s director, and Carolyn Pirtle, the assistant director, curated a list of religious songs, hymns and choral music available on the site’s catalog under a playlist entitled “Conclave: Institute for Church Life,” according to a Spotify press release. The compilation includes 29 tracks to help you select the perfect one to play when white smoke rises over St. Peter’s Square.

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In describing his selection, O’Malley said in the statement:

The playlist consists of motifs central…

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