El #Liderazgo en las organizaciones conectadas #RRHH

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“Solo se puede cambiar la cultura de la organización desde la cúpula directiva. Si no hay una clara voluntad de cambio de nuestros directivos, desde este departamento no podemos hacer nada”


¿Te suena? Es el discurso que se oye en la mayor parte de las grandes organizaciones, discurso que aunque cargado de razón, respira cierta actitud de frustración y desanimo.

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Content Delivery Networks Get Personal

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Because content delivery networks (CDNs) are at the heart of next-generation IP video infrastructure, they are the logical place to add personalization. With the right approach, service providers can take advantage of the CDN replication model while delivering personalized content. At the same time, they can ensure the network scales to achieve quality expectations.


There are many good reasons to personalize content, including :

– Targeted ads

– Emergency alerts

– Blackouts

– Quality adjustments


To take control of the delivery mechanism, service providers must build a server-side version of the client-based adaptive streaming concept. Introducing two new components will bring more intelligence and processing power into the CDN to improve overall HTTP behavior and performance:

A session manager retrieves the contextual information needed to customize the content and tell the cache in the CDN which changes to apply to the content.A video processor in the cache generates the new content to be sent to end users based on the original content and the information delivered by the session manager.


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After five days of deliberation, the College of Cardinals voted on the Mar. 12th start date Friday, the Associated Press reports. The conclave will commence with a special morning mass at St. Peter’s Basilica followed by the first round of secret balloting in the Sistine Chapel. The cardinals will need a two-thirds majority to elect a victor. Might we suggest they find a little spiritual guidance with Spotify and Notre Dame’s papal playlist?

So a LinkedIn-Pulse combination might start as a version of the app that functions almost exactly like the current version, but also tracks content shared by a user’s business-related graph from LinkedIn, and then grows into a larger service incorporated into the site itself. And data from such a service would likely also be very interesting to Pulse partners like the Wall Street Journal, who use the app as a secondary method of distribution and subscription revenue.

British War Memorial Incorporates QR Codes – thnxz to @QReateAndTrack

According to an article from the Huffington Post, “special panels have been installed at First World War memorials enabling the public to use their smartphones to learn about the history of the service personnel who lost their lives.”

Over 100 panels are being places across the UK as educational tools to shed light on the events of WWI. The article goes on to say that, “when scanned with a smartphone, the QR code provides access to information including personal stories of some of the casualties buried or commemorated at the memorial.”

Roughly 100 years after the first World War, this QR Code campaign is meant to offer an effective and long-lasting educational facet to the war memorials. Prince Edward was quoted as saying, “it is a powerful means of combining traditional methods with new technology to ensure we never forget.”

These efforts by the British government signal more widespread acceptance for QR Codes and various mobile technologies – a bridge from historic events to our smartphones.

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