Fink – Welcome to Google (video) – thnxz @EBTheProducer @BeyondBeliefNow

Fink is a Google employee out of the NYC office.

Produced by: @EBTheProducer

Directed/Edited by: @BeyondBeliefNow

I wanna welcome everybody to the google generation/
google is a nation (slowed) google is a nation/
You are probably watching this through my youtube page on your/
chrome, android or another google innovation/
More then amazing, were more then search/
More than a website, more then maps or earth/
More than g+, way bigger then gmail/
bigger than google wallet or shopping for retail/
We will, continue to stay ahead of the curve/
Where technology and-intelligence converge/
Obsessively concerned with making our products better than they were/
Never settle for second, we-don’t-even settle when in first/
G.O.O.G.L.E Plex/
Thee Best, let me show you around where we get/
Lemme show you around Google inside … welcome to google/
Chorus (repeat 2x)
Welcome to google, this is the googleplex (googleplex)/
The home of where the futures kept (futures kept)/
Welcome to google, this is the googleplex (google plex)/
Theres no telling what were doing next (doing next)/

Autor: Gabriel Catalano - human being | (#IN).perfección®

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