Apple and Samsung lead in Asia, except in Indonesia: Millennial Media // @CampaignAsia ;)



The Mobile Mix report is based on campaign and platform data from Millennial Media, and in Asia-Pacific it includes Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

Overall in the region, Samsung drew an impression share of 32 per cent in 2012, up from 22 per cent in 2011, across all devices. But the iPhone was still the most popular mobile phone, accounting for 14 per cent of impressions.
Android-based tablets led with 50 per cent share in 2012, with Samsung the leading tablet manufacturer in that Android category. Apple’s iOS was a close second among tablet OSs, with a 49 per cent impression share, making Apple the top tablet manufacturer for 2012.
The report charts Samsung’s rapid growth in the region. Last year the Korean manufacturer had nine phones on the top 20 mobile phone list, nearly double the five phones it had a year before. Samsung’s strongest markets in the region include Hong Kong and Malaysia, where 10 of its phones made the top 20 list.

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