“En qué redes debo de estar presente” y “cómo comunicar en cada una” son las cuestiones que más inseguridad generan a la hora de abrir perfiles a las compañías.


Las nuevas plataformas están cambiando la manera de operar de muchas empresas, pues ofrecen a éstas nuevas formas de relacionarse con sus clientes y dan la oportunidad de construir relaciones sólidas y exitosas. Gracias a esta nueva forma de comunicación podemos mostrar los productos y servicios de nuestra empresa llegando a mucha más gente y creando imagen corporativa.

Sin embargo, muchas empresas aún no se animan a abrir perfiles en redes porque desconocen las posibilidades que ofrece cada o no saben cuál es la más adecuada para su negocio. “En qué redes debo de estar presente” y “cómo comunicar en cada una” son las cuestiones que más inseguridad generan a la hora de abrir perfiles a las compañías.

A continuación  realizaré una descripción exhaustiva de cada una de las principales redes que ayudará a tomar la mejor decisión según el tipo de empresa y el mercado al que se dirija.


Ver la entrada original 666 palabras más

Anuncio publicitario

Why The Best Social Media Algorithm Is Yourself // thnxz @simplyzesty !

Simply Zesty

When it comes to the Web, information is infinite. Or at least that’s what it feels like when you’re dealing with numerous feeds on a daily basis. If you think about the sites we visit on a daily basis, you’ll realise that without even trying, there’s a lot competing for our attention. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, RSS readers. Already, that’s a lot of feeds fighting for your attention without factoring in mobile apps or the numerous aggregation sites out there.

With more information, we need more help to make sense of it all since realistically, we’re probably only interested in half of what’s posted at any time. But are we placing too much trust in these algorithms?

Linear Progression

Our social media feeds have evolved to the point that we’re not just seeing what our friends are posting, but what the world is doing. Even just looking at how Facebook evolved in recent times, its focus has shifted from the personal to the global with articles, brands, links, news, games all fighting for your attention. What you’re left with is an overload of information that is almost impossible to take in.

Of course, Facebook and Google+ preempted this by introducing its own algorithms to help filter your newsfeed. Edgerank is the most prolific example out there, prioritising certain stories based on your interaction and preferences. For the most part, you don’t even have to interact with these posts for Facebook to figure out which posts you prioritise. Google+, on the other hand, focuses more on your circles. For each new circle you create, you can adjust how frequently its posts appear in your news feed. If you’re smart with how you use your circles, you can have a great deal of control over what appears and what doesn’t.

However, there are always flaws to such an algorithm. For one, people and pages won’t always be consistent with the type of content they post. Since taste is so subjective, there will always be a case where certain posts will resonate better with you than others. However, sometimes this can be a problem as an ignored post could mean it won’t appear the second time round, especially if it’s a business page, which is given less priority than personal profiles.

On the flip side, you only have to look at the likes of Twitter to see the argument against having an unfiltered newsfeed. The social equivalent to an RSS reader (but without the nagging unread section that guilts you into reading everything), you know that if something was posted 30 minutes before you logged in, the chances of you actually reading it is pretty slim.

This presents a dilemma of sorts. As our thirst for more information grows and the amounts available to us increases, our ability to consume large amounts of information and retain it remains the same.

Taking Back Control  [+full article]

Socialbakers World Tour: Local Insights for Brazil // @socialbakers

Socialbakers World Tour:  Local Insights for Brazil imageYet another successful event! This time it took place in São Paulo – we’ve brought you a recap of the event.

This time around, we invited speakers, Fernando Aguilar, from Natura, Chiara Martini de Campos Beuno, from Heineken, and Micheline Jeanfrancios, from P&G to share their social media marketing expertise.

Local Insights from São Paulo

On average, Brazilian brands post more than worldwide brands on Facebook.

The average Brazilian user is a fan of 21 pages.

Photos are the most popular post type by Brazilian admins and shared most by Brazilian users.

Guaraná Antartica, Skol, and Coca-Cola are ranked in the top three, according to Local Fan Counts.

SKY Brasil, Prevalia, and Peixe Urbano are the most Socially Devoted Brazilian brands on Facebook.

For more insights, check out January’s Social Media Report for Brazil here.

Sydney is our next stop on the World Tour. To sign up for events in your region, click here.

Apple and Samsung lead in Asia, except in Indonesia: Millennial Media // @CampaignAsia ;)


Via campaignasia.com

The Mobile Mix report is based on campaign and platform data from Millennial Media, and in Asia-Pacific it includes Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

Overall in the region, Samsung drew an impression share of 32 per cent in 2012, up from 22 per cent in 2011, across all devices. But the iPhone was still the most popular mobile phone, accounting for 14 per cent of impressions.
Android-based tablets led with 50 per cent share in 2012, with Samsung the leading tablet manufacturer in that Android category. Apple’s iOS was a close second among tablet OSs, with a 49 per cent impression share, making Apple the top tablet manufacturer for 2012.
The report charts Samsung’s rapid growth in the region. Last year the Korean manufacturer had nine phones on the top 20 mobile phone list, nearly double the five phones it had a year before. Samsung’s strongest markets in the region include Hong Kong and Malaysia, where 10 of its phones made the top 20 list.

Full article + 🙂


A Collection of Interesting WordPress Icon For Free // thnxz @naldzgraphics :)

Via Naldz Graphics

We constantly showcase different icon designs here in NaldzGraphics which are definitely useful in all types of your application and web designing needs. Today, we would like to share another compilation of attractive icons we have gathered from around the web which are perfect for WordPress fans out there – the WordPress icon.

These icons are available in various sizes and file formats thus there is no need for you to rescale the icons for them to look great on your web and print projects. Please be reminded to read the license agreement indicated by the creator of the icon that you want to use for commercial purposes to avoid conflicts in the future. Have fun browsing!

WordPress Icon Set  + Here 🙂

Online Love Management // destacado! thnxz 40defiebre.com – @socialmood

Lo repetimos como un mantra: el amor lo es todo.

Cuanto más aprendes de esta industria, de esta forma de vida que es el marketing online, más entiendes que lo importante no son los KPIs, GRPs, ROIs y CTRs. Que los detalles técnicos, los pormenores del SEO, del SEM, de cómo ser un ninja de twitter, un gurú de la usabilidad y un mago del Indesign se acaban aprendiendo, tarde o temprano, porque los recursos están ahí, al alcance de una búsqueda en Google, y sólo necesitamos ganas y voluntad para aprender.

Cuanto más aprendes, y no hemos hecho más que empezar, más consciente eres de que en la vida todo trata de ponerle un poco de cariño a las cosas, de buscar dar en la diana con cada pequeño detalle, de poner amor y cariño a los pequeños gestos.

¿Online Love Management?

Desde hace un tiempo se ha venido repitiendo una máxima en Socialmood: Las cuentas con las que mejores resultados hemos obtenido han sido aquellas a las que más cariño les hemos dado. Esa cuenta que te da buen royo desde el primer momento, el cliente con el que te tiras 3 horas de reunión y te apetece irte de cañas, con el que hay confianza mutua. Ese proyecto en el que crees a ciegas y te esfuerzas como si fuese tuyo.

Lee el artículo completo en 40defiebre.com  🙂

Sobre la importancia de aprender a programar computadoras (y dónde hacerlo gratis) // @FacundoArena – alternaria.tv

Hoy, la organización Code.org publicó este video en el que Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg y otros grandes exponentes nos cuentan por que aprender a programar es importante:

Me parece una excelente campaña de generación de conciencia y difusión de una oportunidad única para miles de personas en todo el mundo, porque nunca es tarde para aprender a programar. Ahora bien… ¿por dónde empezar?

Más info y artículo completo

Basic Web Design Video Course – Wireframing, Photoshop Tools & Panels, and Designing [Part 1]

Hello everyone, this is Mike and welcome to my Basic Web Design Video Course. In this course I will walk you through the very basic steps on what to do and what to learn before, and during, building a website. You’ll learn all the steps I use including: planning, wireframing, using basic tools and panels in Photoshop, basic HTML and CSS, and after learning these we will apply our knowledge and create our very fist website from scratch.%tutke

For our valuable readers we will be pushing the basics here. So it’s your chance to learn and become a web designer for free. Are you excited? I hope that beginners can follow through, if anything is unclear just reach out to me in the comments section.

I will do my best to walk you through everything slowly and clearly. So let’s get started!

Planning and Wireframing

What is a wireframe?

A wireframe is a visual presentation of how a website’s layout will look when it’s finished. It’s about structuring the overall layout without any graphics, placing the various elements where you believe they will look and work best. Wireframing is a great step to start before jumping on to Photoshop because it allows you to focus on the important components of the website without all the visual clutter of a finished design. Wireframing also saves you time when designing a website because wireframing acts as a sketch, and instead of having to do things more than once in Photoshop, you can just adjust your ‘sketch’ until you’re happy.

Your wireframe should include boxes that represents images, header, footer, sidebars, text blocks, navigation and other content aspects of your website.

You don’t have to worry about drawing them yourself, since there are many wireframing tools available on web.

Wireframing Tools:

Tools Used: Go Mocking Bird

Photoshop Basic Tools and Panels
+ INFO + Videos? Here!

How Are you Measuring Up? Tracking the Right KPI’s for Retail // thnxz socialbakers.com – @socialbakers

Last week we brought you an overview of the important Key Performance Indicators for the Aviation industry. This week’s study focuses on how Retail brands can measure the performance of their social media customer care and marketing strategies.

Retail KPI’s

Marketing and promotional advertising are critical components for every retail brand around the world. Social media platforms provide an economical and user-friendly channel that, if used effectively, can resolve business problems that may arise. With the proper measurement tools, retail brands can boost their social media performance to provide best social media care available, calculate ROI for online sales, increase brands awareness and much more!

Important Social Media KPIs for Retail

  • Fan Growth: The increase in Fans during a select time range.
  • Engagement Rate: The amount of user interactions (Likes, comments and shares) that occur with your Page.
  • Response Rate: The percentage of user posts or questions that the admin responded to.
  • Response Time: The average amount of time that it takes for the admin to respond to user posts or questions.
  • User Activity: Identifying the times of days and the days of week in which your users are engaging most frequently with your Page.
  • Shareability: The amount of shares a Page receives per day.
  • Interactions: The number of interactions that a Page or post receives and the types of interactions (Likes, comments and shares).

Social media KPIs provide many business solutions for the Retail Industry, such as:

  • Direct ROI for hits on the page
  • Direct ROI for redeemed coupons posted on social networks
  • Soft ROI for in-store transactions via social promotions
  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Social Customer Service


View more free reports… socialbakers.com

Creating Exciting And Unusual Visual Hierarchies // thnxz smashingmagazine.com – @smashingmag

Layout, for both print and screen, is one of the most important aspects of graphic design. Designs that extend across multiple pages or screens, whether containing large or small amounts of type, must be carefully controlled in a way that is enticing and is easy for all to access.

Creating Exciting And Unusual Visual Hierarchies With Typography


Careful control of visual hierarchy is a key aspect of the design decisions we have to consider. In this article, we will look at how frequently type needs to be broken down into different levels, such as topic, importance and tone of voice.

Read more…

App.net, ahora también con cuentas gratuitas // thnxz genbetasocialmedia.com – @GenbetaSM



Si recordáis, no hace mucho os hablamos de App.net, una alternativa a Twitter de pago que prometía dar el control total de la cuenta al propio usuario, sin recurrir a publicidad para rentabilizar el servicio. Pues bien, hoy llegan las cuentas gratuitas a esta plataforma, aunque con matices.

Las cuentas de pago seguirán existiendo, mientras que las que ofrecen gratis tendrán ciertas limitaciones. Por ejemplo, los usuarios gratuitos sólo podrán seguir a un máximo de 40 cuentas, sólo dispondrán de 500 MB de espacio y sólo podrán subir archivos de hasta 10 MB. Para aumentar estas cantidades, siempre existe la opción de invitar a nuevos miembros, en un modelo muy similar al de Dropbox.

Vía | Forbes
En Genbeta Social Media | App.net reduce sus precios e introduce una cuota mensual para atraer a indecisos


¿Qué es Opinator? // thnxz @ApisCookies – misapisportuscookies.com

¿De verdad nos importan las OPINIONES de nuestros clientes?

En palabras de la propia marca… ”OPINATOR es un nuevo servicio que proporciona unacomunicación equilibrada y fructífera entre empresas y consumidores, que beneficia a ambas partes, a la vez que promueve un nuevo modo de interacción más equilibrado, justo y responsable.”

¿Qué te permite hacer?

  • Maximizar el número de interacciones con tus clientes a través de múltiples canales(web, correo electrónico, códigos QR, NFC, redes sociales, SMS, dispositivos fijos y móviles, aplicaciones, etc.).
  •  Generar, modificar y controlar diálogos individualizados con cada cliente en tiempo real.
  •  Convertir las interacciones en valor mediante:
  1. El incremento de la rentabilidad de los clientes existentes.
  2. La captación de nuevos clientes.
  3. La generación de nuevas oportunidades de negocio.
  4. El aumento de la visibilidad y reputación online de la empresa.

+ INFO?  >!O!<

Los retos de la educación del SXXI // Destacado @titonet – titonet.com


Vivimos en un tiempo privilegiado donde vamos a poder participar en primera persona de la definición del futuro de nuestra civilización. Son muchos los cambios que vamos a ver y uno de los ámbitos que sufrirá una mayor transformación será la educación. Desde el lanzamiento de Foxize School he recopilado las siguientes reflexiones  sobre los grandes retos a los que se enfrenta la educación del SXXI. Creo que el debate sobre si el MOOC es el futuro de la educación es un hype y carece de interés. Por eso me parece relevante centrar el debate en los verdaderos retos que desde mi humilde opinión son:

RETO1. ¿Cómo sabes lo que no sabes?

El gran reto de la educación está en ayudar a las personas a darse cuenta de las cosas importantes que no saben y que les afecta en su vida. En muchos casos disfrazamos nuestra ignorancia a través de barreras mentales. Las barreras mentales son juicios preconcebidos sobre algún tema que impiden al individuo entender la necesidad de adquirir un conocimiento nuevo. Es verdad, la certeza de lo poco que conocemos genera vértigo e inseguridad, pero en un mundo con cambios constantes, es fundamental desarrollar la capacidad de romperlas. Por ello el principal reto es abrir los ojos de las personas sobre su ignorancia para que entonces descubran su sed de conocimiento, en un mundo que se va a transformar completamente. Sin motivación, no se produce el acceso a conocimiento.

Lee el artículo completo en titionet.com

The Importance Of Color In Web Design – 30 Brilliant Examples Of Colorful Schemes

As a designer, when you create a website your primary concern is how to capture the viewer’s attention without compromising the usability.

The only way to do it is by pushing up your creativity level and in order to create something truly impressive.

Colors acts differently and there is a strong concept of chromatic psychology in web design. Red, green, purple, orange…all of them stimulate the viewer’s feelings and emotion, so when you choose your color scheme you need to make a little research. A colorful website is a great choice when it comes to deliver a positive message or spread the word about an upcoming event.

These types of colors are good to raise the awareness and to capture the attention, so use them wisely because the downside can go as far as mistrust, especially when these colors are trying to promote an apparently sober idea, such as a law firm or a government campaign. In this article you can see a collection of 30 gorgeous websites which are using bright colors.

Behind The Brutes

1. colorful web design

Every Last Drop

2. colorful web design

Continue Reading

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