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Imaginen que se encuentran viendo su serie favorita en la televisión o una película en su momento más interesante. Tienen la canchita y la gaseosa al costado y justo cuando el protagonista está realizando una maniobra sumamente peligrosa o con serias repercusiones en el futuro se corta todo. La imagen pasa a una pantalla negra — conocida como una transición de FADE — y aparecen nuevas imágenes, pero estas no pertenecer a lo que estaban viendo sino son el claro inicio de la tanda comercial. Un gesto de desánimo y ¿qué es lo que hacen? ¿Se detienen a ver los comerciales mientras esperan pacientemente o comienzan a hacer zapping y aprovechan de ver un poco esa otra serie que querían ver pero no podían por el horario? Seamos todos sinceros y pensemos en cuántos spots recordamos; pensemos aún más en los spots que han presentado en el programa que hemos visto hace solo 20 minutos. De seguro, no recordaremos muchos.

Vamos, no se sientan mal. Pensemos en algo que pasó en una clase de publicidad de la universidad. Los alumnos andaban en su alboroto de siempre cuando el profesor lanzó una pregunta que sorprendió a todos: “¿diganme cinco spots que hayan visto en los últimos días?”. ¿Creen que alguien pudo responder? Pues no, y tengamos en cuenta que eran sólo cinco. Por ello, la afirmación que hizo el profesor fue totalmente cierta, fuerte y directa: “Ven, ni los publicistas ven publicidad”. Entonces, ¿cómo podemos esperar que las personas que se relacionan con diferentes profesiones y actividades estén pendientes de ellas si nosotros mismos no lo hacemos —al menos no cuando no es trabajo— ?

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¿Qué es un subtweet? Tweets subliminales sin perder reputación de marca // thnxz @RedesSocialesES

Hoy volvemos a hablar de esas cosas que hay que saber en Twitter pero que no es habitual que los usuarios comunes las sepan. Y como para eso están las redes sociales, para aprender, y a ser posible en nuestro blog queremos no solo que aprendas cosas nuevas sino que también las puedas aprovechar para tu estrategia social. Y el subtweet te va a ser de gran ayuda. ¿No sabes lo que es un subtweet? Pues a continuación te lo contamos aunque antes te recomiendo que eches un vistazo a lo que es la publicidad subliminal de la mano de una campaña de Subway que hace tiempo publicamos en nuestro blog de publicidad


Pues un subtweet no es más que una forma indirecta de poder responder a alguien que no ha tenido una muy buena actitud en social media, o que ya se pasa de pesado en ciertas prácticas pero sin hacer una mención directa. ¿Y por qué utilizar un subtweet en lugar de una mención directa? Muy simple. Sino haces una mención directa te evitas el jaleo que puede tener un enfrentamiento en Twitter, el interesado se da por aludido y de seguro que la próxima vez se lo piensa dos veces.

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There Is No Mobile Internet! // @smashingmag –

By Marek Wolski

A Quiet Change

At the beginning of June, Google published on its Webmaster Central Blog its “Recommendations for Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites.” Its recommendations are that responsiveness — or, where necessary, device-specific HTML — is the way to build websites for today. Both methods are based on all devices accessing one URL, which in Google’s words makes it “easier for your users to interact with, share, and link to…”

Following the recommendation means making most of your Web content accessible across devices. It ensures that each link shared across the Web leads back to the same place and that, irrespective of the user’s device, everyone gets the same design experience. It aims to standardize Web design approaches, but also to standardize user experience expectations.

Shortly after, Apple announced a lot of thrilling updates to iOS 6. One of the least talked about was Safari’s iCloud tabs. This syncs your open browser tabs and allows you to continue browsing from where you left off on another device. Google’s recent version of Chrome for iOS has the same feature. The result? The ultimate cross-media surfing experience, a digital doggy bag.

After many years of Internet people working on standards, technologies and practices to bring about a One Web experience, the two companies made a big push towards making it a reality. We are now a big step closer to, in the words of the W3C, “an Internet where as far as reasonably possible, the same information and services are available to users irrespective of the device they are using.” Well, that is only if website owners and brands get their act together and change their old ways. To do so, they will need to recognize that things aren’t what they seem and aren’t what many are still peddling.

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Old Habits, Old Stereotypes

A couple of years ago, mobile devices couldn’t even handle many of the Web’s fundamental standards (JavaScript, for example). But as devices became as powerful as last year’s MacBook, the technology drove a behavioral shift. It wasn’t just early adopters who were using the mobile Web. It was every person and their dog with a smartphone and a 3G connection (around 75% of smartphone owners surf the Web).

Our Mobile Planet - General Smartphone Activities
Image source: Our Mobile Planet.

The line between what is and isn’t Web-enabled is blurring. People don’t see the Internet on their phone or tablet as being the “mobile Internet.” It’s just the Internet. In the words of mobile expert Brad Frost, “mobile users will do anything and everything desktop users will do, provided it’s presented in a usable way.”

For the last few years, across categories, mobile experience benchmarking studies have been filled with recommendations to broaden and deepen the content available. Users are searching more and longer for information that currently isn’t available on mobile or even tablet devices.

Mobile Site vs Full Site
Image source: Strangeloop.

This desire for information is prevalent and strong enough that many opt for a less than optimal visit to the “full site” in order to access more or other information. The fact that almost a third of mobile users are prepared to endure poor navigation, slow loading times and no touch optimization really underscores the presence of this fundamental behavior.

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Making The Most Out Of Twitter’s Promoted Advertising // thnxz @simplyzesty –

Twitter AdvertisingWith the latest API ads being announced last week, there has been much talk about the potential it offers to businesses. The potential to offer more diverse and sophisticated ads to users is enticing and if it goes well, it will provide a major boost to Twitter’s finances as it increases revenue.

However, with all the commotion surrounding the API announcement, it’s easy to forget about what’s already there. It’s funny to think that Twitter’s promoted advertising has been around since 2010, yet for the most part, it’s been successful in getting messages out there without impinging upon the overall experience. Provided you have the right content and a general strategy, Twitter’s promoted advertisements can give your campaigns a welcome boost.

What Do You Want To Achieve?

There are three ways to advertise on Twitter and one is more suited to a particular role than others. The three ways to advertise are through Promoted Tweets, Accounts or Trends. If you’re a smaller business, the first two methods would be more suited to you. Promoted Tweets will select a specific tweet from your feed and places it in your target demographic’s news feed as well as search results. This method is suited if you’re creating engaging content, either through favourites, retweets and replies, and you want to increase its reach.

On the other hand, Promoted Accounts means your profile appears on the ‘Who to follow’ section as well as search results (usually the fourth or fifth entry down). If you want to increase the number of followers your page has, this is the type of advertising you want to select. You can track how much your follower count grows through Twitter’s analytics, showing you both organic followers and those who saw your Promoted Account.

Promoted Trends allows you to place your own hashtag or term in the trends list. This is best used if you’re running a Twitter campaign and participation is central to its success. Each of the three should be done to complement an overall strategy as unengaging content won’t magically become interesting if it’s put in front of a large audience.

Full article (Identify Popular Hashtags & Case Studies)

Manually Select Your Promoted Tweets

When you first start using Promoted Tweets, Twitter will set it up so that your most engaging tweet will be automatically selected as your Promoted Tweet. To an extent, this will work if you’re looking to just increase followers and engagement. However, it’s better to switch this to manual as soon as possible. The reason for this is that your most popular tweet mightn’t be relevant to your advertising aims, otherwise you could be left with a random tweet that does nothing for your brand message.Manually Select Tweets

Place Promoted Tweets At The Top Of Your Feed

We know what to expect when we visit a profile, but what some profiles don’t properly take advantage of is the fact that you can place Promoted Tweets onto the top of your page. This way, when people visit your profile, the first thing they will see in your feed is the tweet you want.

The only potential flaw behind this is that not everyone will be visiting your profile page (it doesn’t appear in the page preview), so this would require some experimentation on your part to see whether it’s worth it or not.

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Engagement Rate: A Metric You Can Count On // @socialbakers


When there are bugs reported in Facebook´s Reach metric, it´s always good to know that you have one metric you can rely on. Find out which one it is!

As you know, we’ve driven home the fact that brands’ should not just rely on one metric to measure their social media performance. We believe that all metrics must be taken into consideration when developing social media marketing strategies, including Fan Growth, posts from you and the Engagement Rate they generate, your users’ wall posts and the speed of your response.

However, since, in the last few months, bugs were discovered in the reach metric on Facebook, brands need to consider relying on a metric that is guaranteed to work and is publically comparable – Engagement.

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Why is Engagement Rate the #1 Social Metric?

When we talk about Engagement, we are referring to the activity on your page, to fan interactions to your post types, etc. There are several types of Engagement metrics:

  • Interactions – Like, Comments, Shares, Replies, Rewteets, and so on.
  • Reach – the percentage of fans that have seen your post from your Page.
  • Engagement Rates – a formula for quantifying brands’ success

Engagement Rate is always relative to Page size. This means that brands with 1 M fans can still be compared to brands with 2 M fans, with unbiased results. Look what we did here – we compared the average post Engagement Rate over a 7 day and 30 day period of Lufthansa (1 240 236 fans) and KLM (2 940 250 fans). The graph shows that KLM has been more successful in engaging its audience over the past month on Facebook despite the fact that Lufthansa has a smaller Page size and should therefore find it easier to mobilize its fans. Also notice, that KLM has experienced quite a few fluctuations on a weekly basis whereas Lufthansa maintained a stable Engagement Rate.

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¿Vender para vivir o vivir para vender? / Post destacado :) @spoonch

«No todo se vende» por Joan Jimenez

Quizás deberíamos empezar a aceptar que la grave crisis financiera, social y económica que padecemos, es solo una consecuencia de una Cultura Social que lo ha reducido todo a solo dos palabras: se vende.
Quizás los profesionales del Branding, del Marketing, de la Publicidad y de la Comunicación deberíamos ser conscientes de que somos los principales actores de esta cultura que está estrangulando al Valor y cuyo resultado final es que acabamos todos siendo unos meros esclavos del Precio.

Quizás deberíamos utilizar nuestra influencia en la red, nuestra posición, nuestro talento y nuestras habilidades para crear un verdadero cambio Cultural que coloque de una vez a las personas por encima de las cifras y dejar de vendernos continuamente simulacros y artificios que nos impiden construir un verdadero Interés Común.

Leé el artículo completo en Spoonch

Cuando se trata de abordar la verdadera naturaleza de la innovación, su componente cultural y humano, surge la dificultad de concretar y trabajar con estos conceptos y esto hace que no le demos la prioridad que debería tener.

SUPERVIVENCIA DIRECTIVA |sólo el cambio permanece

Sabemos que  hablar de innovación sin hablar de personas y gestión del talento es un ejercicio inútil.Modelo de Innovación HumannovaSabemos que nuestras organizaciones jeráquico-funcionales están obsoletas y son lentas. Demasiado lentas para sobrevivir.Sabemos el verdadero poder de innovar no reside en las áreas de innovación, sino en las redes 2.0 corporativas y en la inteligencia colectiva .

Ver la entrada original 836 palabras más / todo para ver! – @360cities

360Cities es la mayor comunidad de vistas panorámicas en 360 ​​° compartiendo cientos de miles de lugares extraordinarios, retratados por los fotógrafos especializados  de «alta definición y realidad virtual».


What are these photos on

You’re looking at 360 panoramas. They could be also be called 360° panoramas, 360-degree panoramas, omniviews, VR photos, virtual reality panoramas, sphere panoramas, etc. but we call them «360 panoramas» or simply «panos» here on 360Cities.
Panoramic photography of some kind has existed for more than a century. You can see many examples of 360 degree photos from 100 years ago. Nowadays you can see a boom in this kind of visualization technology due to the ever-reducing cost of the technology, availability of software, abundance of publishing tools. One of the most important aspects is also that the broadband internet made it possible to easily share this kind of photography with others. 360 Panoramas are the new way of showing places, events and businesses on the internet. 

Three flavors of panoramas

In terms of the format of panoramas, there are essentially three different kinds:
  • Partial panoramas that you know mainly from traditional landscape photography. They are created by stitching (assembling) of multiple normal photos together side-by-side, which creates a photo with much wider angle that would be possible with a normal lens.
    360Cities does not support partial panoramas.
  • Cylindrical 360º panoramas – One notch higher are 360° photos which capture the whole field of view in all directions around the photographer. These are sometimes called cylindrical panoramas. They cover 360-degrees around but not up and down view. These are too created by stitching multiple photos together. The only real difference from partial panoramas is that you need to make sure the first and the last photos overlap. There are also so called «one shot» 360-degree lenses but they are by definition very low quality compared to the traditional stitched panoramas.
  • Spherical panoramas are the top of the line which not only capture the 360-degree field of view but in which you can also look up and down. They can even be taken in a way that you can’t see the tripod nor the photographer’s shadow in the picture. 

360Cities supports cylindrical and spherical panoramas. See also Requirements for Panoramas Published on 360Cities.

The secret of creating 360 panoramas

So, what is the secret of creating a 360 panorama? It’s actually pretty easy. You, the photographer, choose a place from which you want the panorama to be taken. Then you start taking photos around yourself until you cover the whole intended field of view with photos. It does not really matter what camera or lens you use, you can even use a cell phone, as long as the photos overlap. The easiest, though, is to use a digital SLR camera with a fisheye lens. The wider the viewing angle of the lens is, the less photos you need to cover the entire field of view. With a cell phone, you will need many photos, with a fisheye lens, you need as little as three to cover the entire sphere.
Take a look at the view that shows how to take fully spherical 360 panoramas without the visible tripod:

Further reading (advanced panorama shooting tutorials):

PanoTools Wiki – information hub for panoramic photography
Panorama Tutorials – more links

Equipment you need

It does not really matter at all what you start with. Really. You can test it with your cell phone or an old compact camera. You just need ANY camera. As with any craft, the right tools can help you get the job done faster, easier, and better. Once you’re hooked, then you can think about getting the best tools for the job! For example, we recommend you get a digital SLR with a fisheye lens (e.g. Sigma 8mm 3.5 or Samyang 8mm F3.5). Once again. To start and to try it out, it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you take photos that overlap and try it, go out there and take some panoramas!



Novedades de Google Analytics

Realice un mejor seguimiento de los enlaces gracias a las mejoras de la función Analítica de página

La función Analítica de página ofrece datos de clics en el contexto de su sitio web y es una herramienta eficaz para analizar las páginas del sitio y optimizar su contenido. Anteriormente, esta función se limitaba a mostrar los datos de clics de cada URL y no del enlace real de la página. Asimismo, ofrecía información sobre los enlaces, pero no sobre otros elementos como, por ejemplo, los botones. Nos complace presentar una nueva función que resuelve esta situación y permite que Analítica de página dé un paso más. Más información.

Convierta la publicidad para móviles en la base de su estrategia de 2013

Hemos realizado varios estudios para averiguar qué estrategias de marketing en móviles y de evaluación de los resultados utilizan los anunciantes de todo el mundo, y cuáles serán sus próximos pasos. El móvil ha dejado de ser un complemento de las campañas y, para muchos, incluso se está convirtiendo en un elemento decisivo de la publicidad. Por ejemplo, el 87% de los anunciantes tiene previsto hacer mayor hincapié en los anuncios para móviles durante el año 2013, y cada vez son más los que creen en el potencial de esta publicidad. Más información.

Simplifique la inserción de etiquetas en su sitio con las plantillas del Administrador de etiquetas de Google

El Administrador de etiquetas de Google le permite añadir etiquetas en el sitio web (incluidas las etiquetas de análisis, seguimiento de conversiones o remarketing, entre otras) y actualizarlas de forma sencilla y gratuita, y sin tener que recurrir a los especialistas de TI. Una de las funciones más útiles es la que permite añadir nuevas etiquetas en el sitio mediante una plantilla de etiqueta en lugar de copiar y pegar código. Hemos simplificado todavía más la inserción de etiquetas gracias a las nuevas plantillas de etiqueta integradas. Tan solo debe añadir los datos básicos a la plantilla y el Administrador de etiquetas de Google generará el código correcto de forma automática. Más información.

Descubra el uso que hace Gilt de Analytics para los modelos predictivos

Hace más de un año, presentamos Google Analytics Premium con el objetivo de ofrecer una solución que se adaptara mejor a las necesidades de los usuarios empresariales. En un caso de éxito reciente de Gilt, se muestra cómo Google Analytics Premium ha ayudado a la empresa a recopilar información de los distintos equipos, aprovechar el gran número de variables personalizadas para sus modelos predictivos y utilizar datos sin muestrear. Leer el caso de éxito [PDF].

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