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13 Ways To Elevate Your Landing Pages

Each online marketing campaign is a marriage of three key elements: strategic
advertising, high-performance landing pages, and efficient post-conversion execution.
If you fail to execute just one of these critical facets, your leads may shy away.
So before you launch your next campaign, run your landing page through this
13-point checklist and make sure that you have the basics covered.

ion interactive - Optimizing Marketing Performance Beyond Landing Pages | @ioninteractive
by Anna Talerico

High-performance landing pages are:

User-Centric. Think about the user experience first and foremost.
Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and run through your landing
page experience. Is your page informative, enjoyable, and visually
pleasing? Or is it disorganized, confusing, or lacking key

Fluid. If your landing page contains links to other interior or external
pages, ensure that these transitions run smoothly by keeping both your
visual elements and your messaging consistent throughout.
Don’t forget to use your confirmation page to remind visitors what
they’ve just signed up for.

Relevant. Where your visitors land after they click should be
contextually relevant. Use scannable headlines and imagery to
confirm your page’s purpose and bridge the gap between click
and conversion.

Conversion-focused. A common marketing mantra is to remove
half of your copy, and then remove half of what remains.
While that may be a bit extreme for some, it’s important to minimize
distractions by eliminating unnecessary copy, graphics, form fields,
and links from your page. Fervently and unemotionally axing
irrelevant content on your page will shift your visitor’s focus
toward the conversion goal.

Segmented. Segmenting your visitors based on campaign,
traffic source, role, need, motives, and more helps you to
identify your top prospects and to deliver a highly targeted

Targeted. Take advantage of every opportunity to provide your
visitors with a highly targeted, personal experience.
Make each visitor’s experience their own by inserting dynamic
content like keywords, offers, or locations into your copy.

Measured. Track key metrics to illuminate opportunities where
results can be improved.

Tested & Optimized. Use real-time A/B or multivariate testing to
determine what works and what doesn’t. Constantly test each
element of your landing page wherever traffic volume permits
to ensure that your pages are highly optimized and efficient.

Transparent. Keep metrics, results, and data shareable at any time
so that you can clearly monitor each point in the pre-click, post-click,
and post-conversion process.

Integrated. Communicate with other key stakeholders in
the post-conversion process to ensure that your conversions
undergo a seamless hand-off to other marketing and sales platforms.

 Testing your pages will inevitably reveal both winning
content and page elements. Keeping your landing pages all
on one code-free, marketer-managed platform will give you
the flexibility to quickly adapt and change content without
relying on outside production or IT resources.

Valuable. Is there a clear value proposition in your offer?
The role of the landing page isn’t to inform, it’s to sell.
Make your pitch, and make it fast—ensure that your core value
proposition is short, sweet, and most importantly,
easily identifiable.

Prioritized. Landing pages are an integral part of your online
marketing program. They are your brand’s customer-facing
front line—incorporate your company’s core values,
brand identity, and message into your pages with text and
visual elements. Then, share your landing pages with other
key stakeholders in the sales process to keep your visitor’s
brand exposure both consistent and enjoyable.

ion interactive - Optimizing Marketing Performance Beyond Landing Pages


The ion platform gives marketers the ability to launch and test extraordinary
landing pages, microsites and mobile web experiences with a simple
drag-and-drop interface that anyone can use—no technical or design skills required.
These qualitatively superior experiences significantly improve lead generation
and customer acquisition.

Our team is led on a day-to-day basis by our three co-founders. The company has
offices in Florida and Massachusetts. We are bootstrapped, growing, debt-free
and have been profitable since 2009. ion was named to the Inc 500 list of fastest
growing private companies in 2010 and to the Inc 5000 in 2011.

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