SocialBro has created a new Collaborators tool

We here at SocialBro HQ are very excited to announce our latest good news to you all! We would like to introduce you to our latest new feature “Collaborators!”. This feature has been added to make managing your Twitter accounts easier. It is very rare that an organisation will have just one person (or even a few people) managing their whole social media strategy.

With SocialBro’s new Collaborators Tool you can control which members of your company can see certain Twitter accounts, such as your co-workers, or use this feature to enable your clients to manage their Twitter accounts but not see those not belonging to them.

Being able to control who has permission to access what will allow you to maintain control over your accounts while sharing the responsibility with others. This will ultimately save you time, make managing your Twitter- marketing strategy easier and prevent publishing mistakes from happening.

Please find on our user guide the tutorial How to use the Collaborators Tool, where we explain all the details about the new feature.

  • Professional users can add up to 3 collaborators to their SocialBro account at no extra cost.
  • Business users can add up to 5 collaborators to their SocialBro account at no extra cost.

Changes to the number of sources you can analyze

We have also decided to bring you some extra positive changes to your SocialBro Pro accounts to make you happier with our software! We have now made the following changes to some of the SocialBro plans:

We are aware that one of the most useful features of SocialBro is the ability to analyze sources (competitor’s Twitter communities, lists, searches and hashtags) to enable you to better target and engage with Twitter users. We have therefore removed the limit on the number of sources you can analyze so those of you using the Premium, Premium Plus, Professional and Business plans can now analyze as many sources as you like!

Our pro users can now take advantage of being able to analyze:

  • As many of your competitor’s Twitter communities as you like: use this as an opportunity tofind new potential customers or gain an insight into their Twitter marketing strategies.
  • As many hashtags as you like e.g. find out who is talking about an event you are holding, use a hashtag to monitor a promotion you are running or find new topics to better engage with your target market.
  • As many Twitter searches as you like: find out who is tweeting about your product or who is looking for a certain service in a desired location (make use of our geolocation feature!).
  • As many lists as you like: useful if you hold events and want to keep the attendees’ details for future use, if you have lists of different groups of customers, if you want to analyze public lists etc.

Remember the number of people using Twitter increases every day and in order to reach them effectively you need to be finding out who the people are behind the stats and how best to engage with them, so the more sources you analyse the better!

Don’t forget that to take advantage of these changes you have to be using one of our Pro plans, so if you haven’t already upgraded theres no better time to do so!. Collaborators!

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