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It’s almost time for that most American of semi-holidays, the Super Bowl. The football-championship-turned-media-spectacle automatically conjures certain images in most people’s minds: bars overflowing with drunken fans; pizza, Doritos and other unhealthy snacks at game watch parties; and tickets priced so high that it’s easy to convince yourself that you really do want to stay home and watch the commercials. However, not all myths about Super Bowl Sunday are true. Here’s a rundown of what people will be eating, where they’ll be watching, and why it might not be too late to get a ticket to the game itself.

You May Be Able to Score a Ticket for $1,000 – While that’s still a large chunk of change, consider that the average ticket for the 2011 Super Bowl between the Green Bay packers and Pittsburgh Steelers sold for an average of $3,650, according to ticket price aggregator TiqIQ. Tickets…

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