I know I’ve been writing more about Polaroid than Apple, Google or Microsoft lately, and promise I’m not going to do it forever — but this is too good not to share.

For years, folks (including me) have written about the remarkable presentations which Edwin Land, Polaroid’s cofounder, longtime CEO and resident genius, gave. He’d stand on a stage by himself, talk and demo products — and he was so gifted at it that it’s impossible to discuss what he did without bringing up Steve Jobs, perhaps his only rival as CEO/technologist/showman.

Those of us who didn’t see Land at work in person, however, have had to trust the memories of those who did — very little video is available of the man, in part because the Harvard Business School, which has the Polaroid archives, hasn’t indexed its audiovisual holdings yet.

But Christopher Bonanos, author of the excellent…

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