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Les paso una posición que se necesita cubrir, sino es a uds., puede que alguien lo necesite, recuerden la Teoría de los »seis grados de separación» 😀

Auxiliar de Depósito, para una importante Empresa

Si deseas ocupar esta posición te pedimos contar con estudios terciarios de Logística y tener experiencia previa no menor a 2 años en posiciones similares.

Por las funciones que desempeñarás será primordial tener conocimientos en abastecimiento, almacenamiento, recepción, control y despacho de mercadería; como así también control de inventario y rotación de mercadería.

Sería destacable y sumaría que cuentes con manejo de auto-elevadores.
Te ofrecemos muy buenas condiciones de contratación.

¿Estás interesado?, mandanos al detalle tus antecedentes laborales, personales y la remuneración pretendida a:  con la Ref. ZHX


Anuncio publicitario

Einstein Against the

See on Scoop.itGabriel Catalano human being | #INperfeccion® a way to find new insight & perspectives

..This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. It resonates with me on such a fundamental level that it has become a foundational element of my life — finding the correct alignment between what I do and who I am…Before I had my big “ah ha!

Gabriel Catalano‘s insight:

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. It resonates with me on such a fundamental level that it has become a foundational element of my life — finding the correct alignment between what I doand who I am.

Before I had my big “ah ha!” moment, I constantly struggled at work with things I “was supposed to be good at” or “should be able to do,” simply because of societal expectations or what was considered the “normal” path up the corporate ladder. It didn’t seem to matter to my previous employers that I added significant value through things at which I was innately good, and was very rarely empowered to focus on those things. Instead, I was constantly in trouble because I couldn’t get the changes to a 50 page contract quite right or because I’d missed an email in my queue of 600.


Being consistently reprimanded because I wasn’t good at the things “I should be able to do” made me question my own capacity to do great work and severely impacted my self-confidence about advancing into the career I ultimately wanted to build. Was I good enough to pursue the path I wanted to pursue? I started to doubt it. I knew I would excel in a creative role, but I kept hearing “if you can’t do this, you could never do that.” I lost my motivation to chase after my own personal dreams because I was compelled to work on things that didn’t align with my natural skill set, and after what seemed like endless trial-and-error (mostly error), I didn’t think I’d ever be able to improve.


To be clear, I’m not blaming anyone but myself for this predicament. I didn’t really know what I was good at professionally, how to develop and apply the natural skills I had, or how I intended to pursue my “great career,” I just knew I wanted one. I did a bunch of random stuff and learned many random skills, but never really discovered an occupation that made me tick and captured my mind. It took time (years, actually) to realize that my path to success had been in front of me all along — all I needed to do was “follow my feet,” or walk down the path I always returned to, regardless of what my role actually was at the time.

My “ah ha!” moment came when I decided to follow this path instead of forcibly walking down another one because it was what I was “supposed to do;” consequences be damned.

Suddenly things were different for me. I was inspired every day. I looked forward to my working hours and the things I delivered brought me actual joy. I pushed myself to make up the time I’d lost floundering around in middle-nowhere and worked on as many relevant projects as I possibly could without collapsing. I found that because I was working on things I loved and were inspiring to me in my free time, I could deliver far more than I ever expected and actually found ways to incorporate my new experience into my “day job” and add value with them as well, which lead to more and more of what I loved doing being incorporated into my day job. I realized that who I am, what I was good at, and what the world/my employer needed from me were 100% aligned with each other. To me, the overlap of these three things is success.

In many ways, I consider the quote above to be Einstein against the world.


Even though work-life alignment has been proven to create happier, more fulfilled and loyal people, the common practice we continue to follow is a classic corporate path, the traditional “pay your dues” mentality. Do stuff you may or may not be good at to get the privilege of perhaps one day calling the shots on your own career. Rinse and repeat for the next set of kids out of college or vocational school. I draw issue with this approach. I believe there are ways to accelerate your professional growth in a meaningful way and buck the traditional path. I absolutely believe in paying dues, but I believe in paying the right dues.

I also believe everyone has something unique at which they can be amazing, given the right tools and motivations to get there. Einstein was a subpar student, but when exposed to a way of learning that suited him, he blossomed into one of the most brilliant minds to exist. Einstein is correct that any fish being judged by how well they climb will feel stupid; we must begin judging fish by how well they can swim and aligning natural talents with work.

If you don’t feel fulfilled and aligned in your work, or you feel like you are being judged for the things you simply doinstead of the things you do best, I challenge you: throw it off! Buck the old system and give a new way a try. I’ve found that websites like and Craigslist are invaluable for finding experience in the industries in which I want to work without needing to commit full-time; giving the flexibility necessary to experiment, fail fast, and apply new knowledge quickly.

To help, I’d like to share with you my own personal “am I on the right track?” thought exercise. It’s helped me identify some really interesting insights about myself and what I truly want to be doing professionally.

A quick exercise:



When you were a child, what things did you excel at? Were you good at math? Art? Do you still work in those major areas today?What do you do in your free time?What is the defining characteristic of your life? If you could choose 1 word to encompass the greatest pieces of your life, what would it be? (Example: my word is communication)How do you define success?What would you spend 40 hours a week doing for free for the next 5 years?


At your current job, what is your favorite responsibility? Why is it your favorite?Do you find fulfillment in your current role? If not, what could push that needle for you?Do you feel empowered to pursue new areas of interest or focus in your current role?Do  you feel in control of your working environment? Do you feel like you are moving toward an end goal?Do you actually care about what your company is doing in the world? Does it fall in line with your own values?

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HTML5 Tips: Design a Dynamic Homepage with Animated Galleries

A few days ago we came across a really outstanding Wix website for the Los Angeles based vaudeville circus/theater, Le Tigre Tent.  One thing that really impressed us about their website was their use of an animated grid gallery in the homepage, which made the whole site look more alive, more fun and more in-your-face.

Design a Dynamic Homepage with Animated Gallerie

Le Tigre Tent

This is a feature not many Wix users are aware of, yet it is so easy to do. We wanted to show you how you can add a similar animated gallery to your website with a few simple steps. You can add this gallery to every page on your site, but on the homepage it creates a really powerful effect of wowing site visitors when they just enter the site.

For illustration purposes, we’re using the “Close Up HTML” template, but this works with all Wix HTML5 templates, of course!

Design a Dynamic Homepage with Animated Gallerie Continuar leyendo «HTML5 Tips: Design a Dynamic Homepage with Animated Galleries»

Facebook is supposed to envelope us in the warm embrace of our social network, and scanning friends’ pages is supposed to make us feel loved, supported and important (at least in the lives of those we like). But skimming through photos of friends’ life successes can trigger feelings of envy, misery and loneliness as well, according to researchers from two German universities. The scientists studied 600 people who logged time on the social network and discovered that one in three felt worse after visiting the site—especially if they viewed vacation photos. Facebook frequenters who spent time on the site without posting their own content were also more likely to feel dissatisfied.

¿Jugamos?, el compromiso de los alumnos con los procesos de aprendizaje adquiere una nueva dimensión.

En un escenario educativo en el que apertura, ubicuidad, colaboración, etc., sustituyen a conceptos como obligatoriedad, restricciones, etc., el compromiso de los alumnos con los procesos de aprendizaje adquiere una nueva dimensión.

En este contexto la gamificación va a jugar un papel fundamental en el panorama educativo. Pero, ¿a qué nos referimos al hablar de gamificación? El concepto se refiere al uso de la lógica y mecanismos de juegos en la creación de contenidos y metodologías educativas. La utilización de las técnicas de juego en ámbitos no lúdicos no implica una novedad en sí, pero su combinación con las posibilidades ofrecidas por las TIC abre un nuevo, enorme y apasionante abanico de posibilidades para los educadores.

No obstante, el proceso de incorporar la gamificación a la experiencia educativa requiere de un esfuerzo que permita adaptar sus potencialidades a la realidad de la educación. La creatividad es, por tanto, una cualidad de suma a la hora de llevar a cabo una integración efectiva y eficiente de estos conceptos.

Compromiso, diversión, motivación, curiosidad, inmersión, colaboración, creatividad constituyen características que forman parte del uso de videojuegos y que sin duda alguna constituyen un desafío para los sistemas educativos. La aplicación de elementos, en este caso videojuegos, que consigan de forma natural despertar en los alumnos todas estas características poseen un papel fundamental para el desarrollo del proceso formativo, completando la educación de los estudiantes con habilidades de diversos tipos: sociales, estratégicas, colaborativas, solución de problemas, toma de decisiones, etc. Continuar leyendo «¿Jugamos?, el compromiso de los alumnos con los procesos de aprendizaje adquiere una nueva dimensión.»

Taringa!, entre el juicio y la expansión a Silicon Valley

Con un proceso judicial oral en su espalda, el sitio argentino desembarcaría a principios de 2013 en los Estados Unidos. Espera convertirse en el socio por default para cualquier empresa de Internet que busque entrar en América latina.

Image representing Taringa! as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

Félix Ramallo

 Nació en una época en donde los ciber cáfes eran el refugio nerd por excelencia. Sótanos en donde el calor que generaban cientos de computadoras se mezclaba con el humo de los cigarrillos y el ruido a disparos que salía de los parlantes de los que jugaban al Counter Strike.

“Parte de nuestro plan de expansión a los Estados Unidos es tener a él (Bragiel) cerca y trabajando con nosotros. A modo de ejemplo, le estaba contando una necesidad y me dijo: ‘Ah, yo conozco a alguien que es jefe de Desarrollo de Twitter, te pongo en contacto’. Y, así de rápido, ya estábamos viendo qué podíamos hacer juntos. Es muy bueno generando contactos, es como un LinkedIn humano”, compara Hernán Botbol, quien es responsable del área administrativa y legal de la empresa, mientras que su hermano está a cargo del sector de desarrollo. Ambos emprendedores coinciden en que estar en Silicon Valley les serviría para llevar al sitio a nuevos territorios y, también, plantarse como el socio por default para cualquier empresa o puntocom que quiera ingresar al mercado de América latina.

¿Cuál es su principal competidor, tanto a nivel regional como en los Estados Unidos?

MB: Competidores directos, no hay. Uno ve, siempre, la lucha Coca vs. Pepsi. No hay como otro Taringa! que pueda ser competencia directa. 

A la hora de conseguir publicidad, ¿compiten con medios, foros u otros sitios?

MB: En lo que es nuestro modelo publicitario, vemos competencia en base a la pauta o de tiempo de uso en el sitio. Cualquiera que vaya a buscar información que podría estar en Taringa! en otro lado podría ser una competencia directa. Lo que pasa es que una parte del contenido compite con un medio, por ejemplo, la parte de noticias. La de música puede competir con Grooveshark. Dependiendo de la sección o del tipo de uso que cada uno le da a Taringa!, competimos con diversos jugadores. 

“La filosofía de Taringa! es que los usuarios compartan todo lo que les resulta interesante con los demás. Ese es nuestro vértice. De ahí partimos. Fuimos armando distintos canales para que ese hecho de compartir se vuelva más fácil para el usuario, saciando sus necesidades”, sostiene Matías Botbol. Los comienzos de la historia de Taringa! se remontan a 2004, cuando Fernando Sanz creó un sitio para compartir información con sus amigos. Lo que primero desató furor entre sus contactos fue pasando de boca en boca hasta alcanzar las 30.000 visitas al año siguiente de su fundación. Al verse sobrepasado por la cantidad de usuarios, Sanz vendió el sitio por US$ 5000.
  Continuar leyendo «Taringa!, entre el juicio y la expansión a Silicon Valley»

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