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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. What factors play a role in order to be listed in the top results of the youTube search? Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to represent these factors only as a list. It is not enough to write the keyword in the video-title, description and keywords. The youTube algorithm evaluates many more signals. And all of the individual factors are related to each other. The following infographic gives an idea of what is important.

Infographic of youTube Ranking Factors

First of all the image. Please find below some hints…

Video-Seo: youTube Ranking Factors infographic (by Martin Missfeldt)

Video-Seo: youTube Ranking Factors infographic (by Martin Missfeldt)

Please feel free to share this graphic. If you like to print it out – here is a larger version: Download youTube Ranking Factors infographic (Jpeg, 1280 x 1988 px, 800 kb)

I have devided the grafic in four zones:

  • youTube-Channel / Trust & Authority
  • onVideo / Relevance
  • Views / User Reactions
  • Recommendations / Sharing

Some hints about…


  • Frequency -> How often logged in, how many actions (ratings and comments on other videos, comment answers etc), how many new video uploads …
  • Trust -> Age of channel, number of subscriber, count of channel views, total views (all uploaded videos), connected Google+ profile (!), perhaps adsense (?)
  • Authority -> Channel title, channel keywords and description, link to homepage, related channels, playlists (for each: title, keywords, description)


  • Keyword relevance -> Video title (video upload filename), keywords and description ( including outgoing links to relevant sites), annotations, video transcript.
  • Freshness may be a ranking factor, not sure abou this
  • HD quality (of course)
  • Attractive Thumbnail -> usually you can’t incluence that (be sure to choose the best out of three), importent because the clickrate in listes (search results or “more videos” on the right of a youTube-video-page)

User action

  • Very important: number of views
  • Audience retention -> Absolute (depends on video length) and relative (compared to other videos with the same length)
  • Reactions -> Nunber of comments (keywords in comments?), Comment reactions (discussion = good!), Number of Thumbs up, Thumbs up / down ratio, number of favourites, video responses, Number of playlist-addings

Recommendations / Sharing

  • Social Media sharing -> eg. facebook, twitter, google+ (!), and other popular services. Power of each signal depends on the “profile-strength” of the sharing person
  • Embeddings -> number and strength of sites, that embedded this video
  • Extanal link to the youTube video-page (not sure about that in order of the youTube ranking)


See the arrows at the borders. It all beginns with a youTube channel. The stronger the channel the better the chance to rank high in the youTube search. Optimize the video relevance for each uploaded video. You should be honest and correct, otherwise it will have a high bounce-rate. Use social-media to share the video – and hope that other will do so too. Allways answer on comments and make it easy for people to give the video a thumb-up. The more views, the more reactions, the more sharing, the better. The video channels gets stronger by this. Good for the seaqrch ranking – and for new videos.

Optimizing videos is a long term strategy – and it depends on quantaty of signals (Views, Likes, Comments, Embeddings etc)

Any suggestions? What have  I forgotten. Please comment 🙂

Hope it helps.

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