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La industria automovilística invierte miles de millones de dólares cada año en sus spots televisivos, pero sólo unos pocos echan verdaderamente raíces en nuestra memoria. Hay muchos, de hecho, que es mejor olvidar.

Para ayudarnos a refrescar la memoria y recordar aquellos anuncios de coches que sí merecen la pena ser recordados, The One Show acaba de presentar su lista de los mejores spots de coches de los últimos 25 años.

La lista, presentada en el marco de la feria “North American International Auto Show”, que se celebra actualmente en Detroit, ha sido confeccionada con la ayuda de más de 70 ejecutivos de publicidad y periodistas.

Según los expertos consultados por The One Show, una organización que se califica a sí misma de “guardiana de llama de los creativos publicitarios”, los spots de coches que recoge a continuación Business Insider son los mejores del último cuarto de siglo:

1. Honda: “Grrr” – Wieden + Kennedy Londres (2004)

2. Honda: “Cog” – Wieden + Kennedy Londres (2003)

3. Volkswagen: “The Force” – Deutsch (2011)


4. BMW: “The Hire” – Fallon Mineápolis (2001)

5. Saturn: “Sheet Metal” – Goodby, Silverstein & Partners San Francisco (2002)

6. Chrysler: “Born of Fire” – Wieden + Kennedy Portland (2011)

7. Nissan: “Toys” – TBWA Chiat Day Los Ángeles (2007)

8. Volkswagen: “Lamp Post” – BMP DDB Londres (1998)

9. Volkswagen: “Milky Way” – Arnold Worldwide Boston (1999)

10. Jeep: “Snowed Covered” – Bozell Worldwide / Southfield (1994)

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Antropología industrial

«En su casa, hasta los pobres son reyes»
Felix Lope de Vega

Entre las necesidades básicas y primarias del ser humano, junto a las de respirar, beber y comer -y no detrás de estas- podemos incluir la de disponer de un refugio adecuado en el que poder resguardarse de las amenazas del clima y del entorno. La historia de la civilización es la historia del hábitat artificial, del hogar que las personas crean a su alrededor para sentirse seguros y protegidos pero también cómodos, siendo el alcance e intensidad de este confort la medida del nivel de desarrollo de la propia civilización.

Por tanto, el disponer de un hogar en condiciones es una fuerza instintiva y también profundamente cultural que anida en los deseos y aspiraciones de todas las personas y que se manifiesta igualmente en todos los tiempos y sociedades. Esta sería la idea base que diseña el caso…

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13 Beautiful Online Stores Created With Wix

Image representing Wix as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

eCommerce websites are changing the way people shop. Shopping on online stores has many advantages: You get to save time and effort; you can easily compare different brands and vendors; not to mention that in many cases it will save you some money as well. But what started as a practical innovation is now becoming a huge market with intense competition.

Online stores are no longer considered attractive only for offering a more comfortable alternative to the shopping mall. They need to really grab clients’ attention with an outstanding design and a quality shopping experience.

In the past few months, we implemented many improvements and new features to our eCommerce platform, including the amazing Shopify app. Wix users now have more options than ever to create a stunning online store that really sells.

Want to see it with your own eyes? Have a look at these amazing eCommerce websites, all built by Wix users using the HTML5 website builder. Get inspired by these awesome online stores and then check out our eCommerce templates to get your own store running!

Online Store

Tuktu Paper Co.

Online Stores

The Kama Photography

La historia del diseño del logo «Smiley» | choosa.net

posted by Choosa | Lanza tu concurso de diseño

El smiley es uno de los símbolos más conocidos a nivel internacional: puede encontrárselo por doquier en nuestra vida cotidiana, en merchandising, productos de la cultura popular, e incluso lo utilizamos comunmente como emoticon en servicios de chat online para expresar nuestro estado de ánimo. Pero ¿Cuál es el origen del diseño del smiley? Continuar leyendo «La historia del diseño del logo «Smiley» | choosa.net»

What Might A Social Media Planner Want From A Brand Ambassador | social.ogilvy.com


This post first appeared on Leo Ryan’s blog “Burning Head.” 

In the previous post I looked at what sorts of things a social planner might want to ask for when negotiating an event sponsorship. In this post I’ll explore what we might want to agree with a Brand Ambassador. Thanks to @Amymabin and @Vic_newlands for their significant input into to this.

As with the last post, this is not an exhaustive list of what can be done with an ambassador, but rather a check list of the kinds of permissions, rights and access that you might want to request when negotiating the partnership so that we can make the most of the relationship in social media.

Leaving aside all of the difficulties that sponsoring individuals can involve let’s just assume the ambassador is a great brand fit and is largely drugs free. Given this positive connection we’ll probably be trying to create social media occasions to amplify that and broadly this amplification will fall into categories of either paid social media, owned or earned media (although as I wrote this post those categories continued to undermine each other, merge and generally not be as helpful as I’d have liked).

Earned Social Media and what we might want from a brand ambassador
Often it is the case that a brand has developed a relationship with an ambassador not just for their image, but also for their own personal social media audience and reputation. If that’s the case we need to make sure that everyone; the brand, the ambassador, the brand’s followers and importantly the ambassador’s followers are all going to be comfortable with the association and see the benefits of it. Especially the followers.

If we are appointing an ambassador for the size of their audience we also need to be realistic about what that is. On twitter, not all followers are equal. In fact lots might just be porn-bots. There are some incredible audience figures out there; Lady Gaga has more than 33 million followers, Wayne Rooney more than five and a half million and David Cameron’s official Prime Minster’s handle has 2.2 million. Howeveran analysis of their top 100,000 followers by a UK company reveals that only a small percentage of their followers are ‘real’ people: Lady Gaga has only 29% “good” followers, Wayne Rooney 30% and David Cameron 37%. So you might want to do some authentication before paying an ambassador for their audience.

And while we’re on the subject of Wayne Rooney…this time last year Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshire both tweeted #makeitcount and a link to the Nike campaign website which resulted in their sponsor Nike being censured by the ASA and the footballers being required to delete the tweets. Subsequently the ASA posted this article with the advice that the footballers should have used the hostage #ad or #spon in their tweets.

So with those two caveats in place we might want an ambassador to tweet hashtags related to campaigns and links to campaign sites. Similarly we might want them to share brand assets with their audience in other media specific channels; images up on Picassa, videos on YouTube and so on. Assuming a good fit bewteen the brand’s target audience and the ambassador’s followers, this can be really useful; if these assets are going to be of real value or interest to the ambassador’s audience they may then then re-share them with their networks with all of the added value and credibility that come from a friend’s recommendation. But make sure they are of real value. No quicker way to turn off a social audience than to spam them with unwanted commercial messages, and your ambassador certainly won’t thank you for pissing off their hard earned followers.

To leverage the ambassador’s existing social profile on the brand’s properties you’ll want permission to link to all of their public social profiles, permission to tag them in posts and permission to share their posts when appropriate.

Owned / Paid Social Media and what we might want from a brand ambassador
Recent media options like promoted posts and promoted tweets have made the whole owned / paid distinction a little murky. We can post to our owned Facebook Page audience (which will reach approx 16% of them) and then pay to have that post promoted to reach a larger audience. Of our own existing facebook audience. Which feels a bit like owned media…Promoted tweets are similar except that we can pay for our tweets to go to a new audience who don’t currently follow us, which feels a lot more like paid media, except that it’s also going to our owned audience…sigh. Oh for the days of a 30 second TVC.

Regardless, as a brand we may want to include the ambassador in our owned and paid social media. This could include using their image or quotes in adverts on Facebook or YouTube, but it might also include some of the newer paid media formats; promoted posts posts and promoted tweets. Which begs the question of whose tweets and posts are being promoted; the brand’s or the ambassador’s? If it’s the Brand’s it’s a little more straight forward; clearly there’s a commercial relationship. But if the brand is paying to promote the tweets or posts of the ambassador, we need to be completely transparent and make sure that we clearly signal this as per the Nike example above. Continuar leyendo «What Might A Social Media Planner Want From A Brand Ambassador | social.ogilvy.com»

Ventajas de las Comunidades de Google+

Google está buscando la forma de impulsar Google+ y tratando de ofrecer características nuevas que hagan que sus usuarios pasen más tiempo en su red social. Así a las 6 Razones de Peso para Utilizar Google+ se le unen las comunidades que vendrían a ser algo muy parecido a los grupos de Facebook, y con las […]

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