5 Great Social Networks Every Designer Should Know About

The emergence of niche-based social networks creates exciting new meeting points for people of similar interests and professionals. Designers are lucky enough to have a variety of social networks tailor-made especially for them. The web is full of opportunities for designers to connect, converse and increase the overall creativity-share. Check out the following list of awesome social talent hubs, where designers can explore, get inspired and share their feedback.


Social Networks Every Graphic Designer Should Know About

Once coined the “Twitter of designers”,  Dribbble is like show and tell for designers, developers and other creatives. Dribbble is a phenomenal hub of activity and inspiration. It hosts a growing group of talented and creative minds. Members on Dribbble share sneak peeks of their work in the form of “shots”- small screenshots of the designs they are currently working on. Other members then comment and give feedback on the work presented. You can sign up either as a prospect – a designer who would like to be invited to share work, or as a scout – if you are seeking designers for a project.


Social Networks Every Graphic Designer Should Know About

Threadless is a social eCommerce network for artists. The designs posted on Threadless are created by a community of skilled designers. Each week, different shirt or product designs are submitted online and put to a vote. The site staff reviews the top-scoring designs and selects the winners, which are then printed on clothing and other related products. The items are later sold through an online store and at the retail store in Chicago. Printed artwork at Threadless ranges from beautiful and elegant to humorous and whimsical. Amazing creativity and talent are never short. Continuar leyendo «5 Great Social Networks Every Designer Should Know About»

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Top Sustainability Consultants: Where Do You Rank?

As green marketers, we spend a lot of time thinking about brands as clients. In Verdantix’s recent study Global Sustainability Leaders Survey: Brands, the tables are turned as they rank the
consultants and service providers offering counsel on sustainability. The study was based on interviews with 250 senior sustainability decision-makers at firms with annual revenues greater than $250
million, across 21 industries in 13 countries.

via MediaPost | Marketing: Green http://feeds.mediapost.com/~r/marketing-green/~3/e_gu9aFbWMc/top-sustainability-consultants-where-do-you-rank.html http://ifttt.com/images/no_image_card.png

New Year’s Resolutions (And The Deeper Meaning Behind Them)

I’ve always loved the start of a new year. New Year’s Eve, as holidays go, is characteristically more about fun and less about family drama, and New Year’s Day is typically a day of relaxed recovery.
I’ve even come to enjoy the promise and potential that is so carefully packaged in the «New Year, New You» promotions that now seem standard fare for every category.

via MediaPost | Engage:Affluent http://feeds.mediapost.com/~r/engageaffluent/~3/3SN3kfFhXrw/new-years-resolutions-and-the-deeper-meaning-beh.html I’ve always loved the start of a new year. New Year’s Eve, as holidays go, is characteristically more about fun and less about family drama, and New Year’s Day is typically a day of relaxed recovery.
I’ve even come to enjoy the promise and potential that is so carefully packaged in the «New Year, New You» promotions that now seem standard fare for every category.

Códigos QR para fidelizar al cliente | marketing-movil-sms.com


Códigos QR para fidelizar a los clientesmarketing-movil-sms.com

Ya hemos visto diversas aplicaciones de los códigos QR como, por ejemplo, la posibilidad decomprar en las rebajas mientras esperamos al Metro en Madrid o bien, hacer la compra de casa sin pisar el supermercado.

Otra buena aplicación de los códigos QR es usarlos como un nuevo modo de fidelización para los clientes a través de la sustitución de las tarjetas de puntos por códigos QR insertados en los tickets de compra del cliente. Se trata de una forma más sencilla y rápida de alcanzar puntos de descuentos para las próximas compras ya que el método de las tarjetas físicas es algo engorroso.

Muchos clientes no desean tener la tarjeta de fidelización de cada establecimiento en su cartera ya que no las usan con mucha frecuencia. Los códigos QR dan la solución a este problema ofreciendo a los consumidores la posibilidad de leer un código en el ticket de la compra realizada con su smartphone acumulando puntos en una tarjeta virtual.

Esta forma de fidelizar a los clientes ofrece un muy buen resultado ya que pueden obtener grandes ventajas económicas a través de su móvil. Las tarjetas puedes perderlas u olvidarlas, pero el teléfono móvil siempre se lleva encima por lo que esta técnica de marketing de fidelización supone un gran avance para el mercado de consumo.

Un buen ejemplo de campañas de fidelización a través de los códigos QR escaneados mediante los actuales teléfonos inteligentes que tan difundidos están entre el público, especialmente entre los más jóvenes, es la que ha realizado Factory. La marca pionera en el sector outlet de ropa en España y que cuenta con una red de más 600 establecimientos tiene una aplicación para dispositivos móviles llamada Factory Smart Card.


Los clientes de Factory pueden descargar gratuitamente la aplicación en sus móviles, Continuar leyendo «Códigos QR para fidelizar al cliente | marketing-movil-sms.com»

Why I’m thinking of ditching my precious iPhone for an Android | gigaom.com


After several years as a devoted Apple iPhone user, I have been tempted by the dark side — I am considering giving up my beloved iPhone for an Android device, and the main attraction is the openness of the ecosystem that Android takes advantage of.
If you don’t like personal stories about infidelity, please read no further. After being in love with my iPhone for several years now, my attentions are increasingly being pulled elsewhere — and I’m not fighting it. I’ve been an iPhone fan ever since I first got my hands on one: it instantly made my BlackBerry feel like an ugly brick that was designed by orangutans. All I wanted to do was hold it forever, and that’s almost exactly what I’ve done since I first got one — until, that is, I switched to using an Android phone over the holidays.

I didn’t decide to try an Android phone because I was dissatisfied with Apple or the iPhone — in fact, I still think the iPhone is one of the best-designed and most appealing products of any kind that I’ve ever used. I have a MacBook Air and an iPad that I also love using, and I recommend them whenever I get the chance. But I will confess that I have been looking enviously at Android phones for a little while, after seeing friends like my GigaOM colleague Kevin Tofel using them and then borrowing one last fall for a trip to Amsterdam for our Structure: Europe conference.

Part of what I was interested by was the larger screens on the Nexus and other phones — I like to read webpages and other documents and look at photos on my phone, so more screen real estate was appealing. But I was also interested in the openness of the Android ecosystem, and whether that would be a benefit compared to the walled garden that Apple runs for iOS.

Apple’s garden is beautiful — but the walls aren’t

There’s no question that Apple’s garden is beautiful, as walled gardens go, and it is extremely well-maintained; nasty or disturbing apps are kept out, and everything is checked to make sure it works properly, and that is definitely a big benefit. In other words, the bars are hard to see behind all those beautiful flowers. But in some cases, useful things are kept out as well, whether it’s content or applications — or ways of integrating with other networks and services that maybe don’t meet Apple’s standards (or aren’t willing to pay Apple for the privilege).

social media

Here’s one anecdote that sums up the differences between the two platforms for me: when I took a photo with the Android phone (a Motorola Razr HD), it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I could beam it to my TV somehow — I have a media hub from Western Digital that has all my photos on it, and usually I have to copy the pictures from the iPhone to a computer with iTunes and then share them with the WD hub. But I figured maybe I could beam them from the Android because the hub is a DLNA device (DLNA is kind of the open version of Apple’s AirPlay standard for wireless networking). Within five minutes, I had downloaded an app that beamed my photo to the WD hub, and we were looking at it on the TV. I did the same thing with a YouTube video. Continuar leyendo «Why I’m thinking of ditching my precious iPhone for an Android | gigaom.com»

Santino´s Marketing Blog

Hugh MacLeod, describe una serie de TIPs a manera de Manifiesto, que considero básicos para los que nos gusta esto del Marketing, el Branding, el Diseño, la Innovación… se los enuncio a continuación con una breve reflexión e interpretación propia:

1. Ignora a Todo el Mundo. Mientras más originales sean tus ideas, obtendrás menos buenos consejos o comentarios acerca de ella. No vamos a saber que tan buena puede ser, hasta que no la hayamos implementado. En estos días en donde la velocidad forma parte importante de todo, hay que aprovecharlo, ahora, por más rápido que lo implementes, no dejes de disfrutarlo.

2. No forces a tener una gran idea, Solo tiene que Cambiar el Mundo. Dice Hugh que no son la misma cosa, y es muy cierto. Es normal que cuando queremos innovar, hacer un logo, desarrollar una campaña, existe una línea muy delgada en hacer algo que…

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Presentación del Libro “El perfil humano y profesional de los emprendedores digitales”

Mañana jueves 17 de enero se hará la presentación del libro “El perfil humano y profesional de los emprendedores digitales” en la sede de Wayra/Telefónica en Gran Vía 28 de Madrid. Este libro escrito por Jesús Lacoste y en el que tengo el placer de aparecer como entrevistado, recoge las entrevistas realizadas a 73 líderes […]

via Víctor Martín http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/victormartin/~3/PJGTL8LNBWw/


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