The 10 Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market

The Wix App Market just continues to grow and grow. New apps are constantly being added to the website builder, giving site owners more and more options to enhance their sites with cutting-edge business tools, social features and utilities.

A nice way to see what the Wix App Market can do for your website is to check out the list of the most popular apps. These are the top 10 apps that Wix users have most frequently added to their sites. Check them out and you’ll definitely find something right for yours.

Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market

Instagram Feed

A gorgeous Instagram feed is such a great addition to a website – no wonder this app is so loved! If you still think Instagram is only for hipster students, think again. Businesses and services are using this network to highlight their visual side. Want to see how? Visit Wix on Instagram!

Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market

Live Chat

If you’re running a business online, you would want to be able to interact with your potential clients in real time. Live Chat can help you with that! This app is a real boost to your customer service and is extremely easy to manage.

Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market


Set up a social store and start selling your products on the world’s most successful networks – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This is a great way to increase exposure. Instead of waiting for clients to come to your store, you go to where they hang out online!

Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market

123 Contact Form

Don’t get confused by the name. This app allows you to create more than a contact form – you can design RSVP forms, donation forms, sales lead forms and more. Choose from a large variety of themes and easily customize them to fit perfectly with your website design.

Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market

Blogger Feed

If blogging is your passion, you can now easily share it with your website visitors. A simple click integrates your entire Blogger blog with your Wix site. Adding a blog is an important way to improve your website’s content, not to mention it can do wonders to your SEO.

Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market


Tint brings your social feeds to life in one aggregated feed. It combines all of the great content you post on various social networks and displays them beautifully on your website. You can easily keep your site constantly updated simply by being active on social networks!

Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market


If your website is about bringing your music to the masses, Soundcloud is a must-have app for you. Use the app’s playlist option to stream an entire playlist of your music. The files are hosted on Soundcloud, which makes your Wix site lighter and faster.

Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market

Pnyxe Comments

let your website visitors speak their minds with the Pnyxe Comments app. This app can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so comments also have social distribution value. You have full moderating control over the content with a simple admin system.

Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market

Rating Widget

Your product is worth a lot more if it’s recommended by others. Rating Widget will collect valuable feedback from previous clients and will proudly present it to your future clients. It’s a great way to gain reliability and to show confidence in your business.

Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market

Target Hero

Any website owner would want to create a long-lasting relationship with site visitors. Running a newsletter is an excellent method to enhance this type of relationship, and Target Hero is your app for the job. You can easily manage your contact lists, run email campaigns and track the success rates of your newsletters.

Most Popular Apps on the Wix App Market

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