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Local fan statistics for all Facebook Pages! Our Regional reports are now packed with competitive advantage, unwrap them NOW!

For the first time ever, you can now breakdown your competitors’ Facebook page fans by country. You are now able to see any brand´s fan distribution within any country you select thanks to our monthly Regional reports and our Facebook Page statistics section on our homepage. Just click on any Page you want and you will instantly discover its 5 most supportive countries on Facebook.

Argentina en FBook
Facebook Pages Now Ranked by Local Fans

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Facebook Pages Now Ranked by Local Fans

As you can see in the report below, we are now ranking Facebook brands and media by the number of their local fans. They are still accompanied by the number of their total fan base but now you can also see the volume of local fans Liking the Page in the selected country. It´s also expressed by a percentage from the total fan base so you can get the bigger picture.

We believe that Facebook marketing in 2013 will be all about developing local strategies and targeting the right audience which is why this data is so valuable for marketers all around the world. This new competitive advantage will provide you with insights into your competition´s au­dience and fan distribution across the world as well as set new benchmarks crucial for effective social media strategies.

Tip: To gain even more insights into the Facebook Pages included in the report, simply click on them to get redirected to our Page statistics.

The whole Socialbakers team hopes you will enjoy these new reports!

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