How to Create a Beautiful Christmas Greeting Card – Simple Step by Step Tutorial

How to Create a Beautiful Christmas Greeting Card – Simple Step by Step Tutorial

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Javascript Visualization Libraries To Display Charts And Graphs – 34 Items

Javascript Visualization Libraries To Display Charts And Graphs – 34 Items

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Chrome Extensions You Wish You Knew About

In May 2012 Google Chrome won the title for being the world’s most popular web browser according to Statcounter.  Go Chrome!  A whopping 36% of worldwide usage share is definitely an impressive figure.

Chrome’s great appeal has to do with its speed, security, and its minimal interface, free from toolbars that can sometimes clutter a browser’s look. But the real fun of Chrome lies in extensions. Getting the right extensions into your browser can really boost your web experience. The best part is that the clean n’ sleek style of Chrome is left unharmed regardless of how many extensions you choose to install.

We selected five of our favorite Chrome  extensions for your browsing pleasure. All the extensions can be found via Chrome Web Store.


Pocket – A Universe of Content

The net is full of awesome content. It’s so hard to keep up with all the interesting reads, and bookmarking articles and posts can get messy. This is where Pocket comes in. Pocket is a highly recommended extension that lets you save articles directly from your browser. Whenever you see an article you want to save for later, just click the little Pocket icon on your browser and move on. You will then be able to access your Pocket library directly from your browser.

Pocket recently revamped its iOS, Android and Kindle Fire apps. This means you can now get the cross-device experience, save pages on your mobile and access them on your tablet or computer in your own free time.
Get Pocket for Chrome.

Chrome Extensions You Wish You Knew About – Keep Your Files in Order

Email attachments are very difficult to manage, especially if you’ve been a Gmail user for years and you have hundreds of attachments in your inbox. Finding that one specific doc you received last month can become a real challenge. This is exactly why you need! is a powerful Gmail “enhancer”. It scans your mailbox for all your attachments and indexes them. From then on, you can access the Attachment Search from your mailbox at any time. Just type in a keyword and will find all the related photos/docs and arrange them for you neatly and intuitively. It’s like Gmail on steroids.
Get for Chrome.

Chrome Extensions You Wish You Knew About

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is a cool extension that gives great added value while becoming seamlessly tied to your browser. Once you add the extension to Chrome, just double-click on a word to see an instant pop-up definition along with a link for further information.

So if you ever run into a word like “metagrobolize” while you’re reading the morning news, worry not. Google Dictionary will instantly present the meaning and let you keep on reading uninterrupted.
Get Google Dictionary for Chrome.

Chrome Extensions You Wish You Knew About

TinEye Image Search

Looking for a bigger version of an image? Want to find out the original source of a photo? If you’re a web designer or a content writer, the following extension may seriously improve your efficiency and save you lots of time.

TinEye is a reverse image search that takes your source picture and looks for other matching versions of it on the Web. It’s the first image search engine on the web to use image identification technology rather than keywords, metadata or watermarks.

Add it to Chrome, right-click an image and choose “Search Image on TinEye” to see all the image versions available. No buttons added to your toolbar!
Get TinEye for Chrome.

Chrome Extensions You Wish You Knew About

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot probably wins for being the coolest chrome extension we’ve recently discovered. This browser addition implements a quick image editing interface on your browser. You can get a screen capture by clicking the extension’s icon and then make all kinds of changes to the image like crop, annotation, blur, add text or shapes and more.

After you’re done with the image, you can either save it locally on your computer or on Google Drive, or a account. The link can be easily shared on your social profiles via a special URL.

If you still use Paint for some reason, you need to install Awesome Screenshot asap!
Get Awesome Screenshot for Chrome.

Chrome Extensions You Wish You Knew About

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