50 Shades of SEO: White Hat Link Building

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Often, the get-rich-quick type of schemes only leads to a complicated mess of seemingly good intentions. This stems from the idea: If there is an easier, faster way to get on top, why not take advantage of it?
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5 Reasons Leadership Falls Flat

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Daniel Watson‘s insight:

Being accepted as a leader, especially if you are new to a leadership role or have been asked to lead a new group of people who do not know of you or your success in previous leadership roles, can be  difficult if you make some very common mistakes in how you approach the leadership role.

The real measure of success in any leadership role, is to have those you lead follow your direction without hesitation, and be willing to go that extra mile when you ask it of them.

This excellent article, suggests that the common mistakes made by leaders that lead to them not being accepted by team members can be avoided, and it outlines five of the most common mistakes and then advises how to avoid them.

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