Short Videos Can Help with Branding

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Video is something I’ve wanted to integrate into my social media marketing strategy for a while now. Sound familiar?

When I saw a blog post on using 15-second videos (thank you, Social Media Examiner!), I got pretty excited. One, because the blog post focuses on Viddy, a company I first covered at

Tech Cocktail a year and a half ago. And second, because it was a good reminder to me that Viddy only allows you to make 15-second-long videos, and that is both short and doable.

The best part is that a Viddy video can be quickly and easily shared on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which means there’s no excuse not to use it!

Here are my favorite (read: easy-to-do) marketing ideas for using a Viddy video:

1. Events

Whether it’s your event, or one you’re attending, videos are a fun way to quickly share highlights of the event. Because you can share in real-time, it is also a good way to entice more people to attend the event.

2. Company News

Make your news interesting to other people by sharing your excitement about a media mention, big client win, new office space, tenth employee, etc. This will also help humanize your company a bit.

3. Tips and How-To’s

Take your tip and how-to ideas for your blog posts from plain text to video, and you will connect better with your audience. One, because video is more engaging, and two, because they’ll get to hear your expertise straight from your mouth, making your ideas more personal.

4. Behind-the-Scenes

I really like this idea, because it lets you show off what it really takes to do what you do. Helping your potential clients understand how much thought, time, and/or effort goes into doing what you do can help you better sell your product or service.

5. Testimonials

You don’t have to limit testimonials to just customers. Ask employees, interns and business partners to give testimonials too.


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