10 Tips To Optimize Conversions On Your Mobile Landing Pages

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“There’s a big difference between websites that are mobile-friendly and websites that are specifically developed for mobiles, the ones that use special features like pinching and zooming and take notice of the fact that limited screen size poses constraints of a different kind.


If your business is serious about mobile device usage, what it needs to do is to invest in making sure your website and landing pages have versions that are made exclusively with mobiles in mind. Since limited screen size on mobiles and their on-the-go usage pose special constraints, simply retouching your existing website to make it “mobile-friendly” will not suffice.

Following are some of the things you need to take care of if you want to maximize your sales and conversions on mobiles:


1. Users should be able to read the page without zooming.

2. Place your content in a way so as to focus on all important elements.

3. Minimize the content; make it simple, consistent and easily navigable.

4. Make navigation easy and simple.

5. Scalability issues across screen sizes should not be neglected.

6. Make sure your page scales to both landscape and portrait views.

7. Fonts and appearances do matter.

8. Make it load faster for the reduced attention span of your user.

9. Use the geo-location of the visitor to personalize your website.

10. A/B test what works best on mobiles!…”


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