Drucker’s Knowledge Worker in the Age of Social Media: Announcing Enhanced LinkedIn Integration

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Over half a century ago, management guru Peter Drucker presented the concept of the knowledge worker. Compared to the manual laborer, the knowledge worker focused on quality over quantity and worked more independently as problem solvers. Drucker said the key to improving the productivity of the knowledge worker is to allow them the freedom to innovate, learn and grow.

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The knowledge worker is now the professional of today who uses Social Media and the Web to enhance his productivity, reach new customers or clients, conduct research and more. So which social network do today’s knowledge workers use?

LinkedIn has evolved from a platform for your professional online presence to a resource for professional development where you can not only expand your business network but also strengthen and share your knowledge base.

Today, we launched the LinkedIn Login Integration allowing easy sign up and login for the busy professional who looks to provide value on the Web efficiently and effectively. When it comes to Social Media, these savvy professionals seek quality over quantity. And that’s exactly what content curation on Scoop.it provides them — a way to publish and share valuable insights on topics that matter to them seamlessly, efficiently and with impact.

Benefits of Content Curation for Professionals

Our team has experienced first hand how Social Media and the Web can be used for professional development. A large percentage of our user base use Scoop.it to curate, collect and share insightful articles and ideas on topics related to their businesses or careers. These Scoopiteers have found that doing so allows them to learn and grow both professionally and personally. Further, when they share what they’ve curated to social networks like LinkedIn, they increase their chances of being discovered by potential employers, clients, customers and colleagues. Read Dennis O’Connor’s Scoop.it story for an example of how content curation led to his professional development and success as an educator, or how architect Lauren Moss built a large audience around her topic on sustainable architecture and design.

Survival of the Savviest

We’ve put together a SlideShare presentation on how Content Curation can be used for Professional Development. There’s a New Talent Economy, and professionals must use everything they’ve got — from platforms and resources to skills and expertise — to gain business success. How you have used Social Media Publishing and Content Curation for your professional development? Tell us!



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