Interview with Daria Pelekhay

Interview with Daria Pelekhay

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Answers to Your Top 7 Questions About Mastering LinkedIn Marketing

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1) How does interaction on LinkedIn differ from interaction on Facebook?

People use LinkedIn to learn more about their industry and keep in touch with professional connections. When you’re on LinkedIn, you expect to come across articles and resources you could send to your boss or team members. Facebook, on the other hand, is used for fun, entertainment, and social interaction with personal connections. When you’re on Facebook, you expect to come across interesting or entertaining images you could share with your friends. Think of Facebook as your best friend, dressed-down and ready to party at a rock concert, while LinkedIn is your potential future business partner, suited up and ready to learn about industry success at a business expo.

Bearing this in mind, when you’re marketing on Facebook or LinkedIn, you want to make sure you’re speaking to each audience in the proper tone. You should feel comfortable speaking to your Facebook network in a more casual way, while your tone on LinkedIn will be more professional. For example, at HubSpot we post photos, cartoons, and memes on Facebook, but stick to articles, ebooks, and webinars on LinkedIn. The right content with the right tone for each network!


2) Have you seen B2C companies be successful with LinkedIn Company Pages?

B2B companies naturally thrive on LinkedIn, just as B2C companies tend to find it simple to thrive on Pinterest. But that doesn’t mean B2C companies can’t play on LinkedIn (and hey, if you’re B2B, don’t be afraid of Pinterest, either!) On LinkedIn, B2C companies can be very successful by leveraging the platform not just for job opportunities, but also showcasing their company culture … and growing a following based on their company as a brand, not just as a product or service.

For example, Starbucks uses LinkedIn as an opportunity to showcase the brand’s personality through the banner at the top of the “Careers” section, but then dives deeper into what careers at Starbucks might actually look like. If you’re a B2C company where culture is an important piece of your brand, it’s not a bad idea to provide visuals on LinkedIn that encompass why someone would choose to work for you over some other company.

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Los 25 mejores países del mundo en ciencia | United Explanations

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España es el décimo mejor país del mundo en ciencia, según un nuevo ranking que publicó el pasado 18 de septiembre la revista Scientific American.

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Ivan Krastev: Can democracy exist without trust?

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Five great revolutions have shaped political culture over the past 50 years, says theorist Ivan Krastev. He shows how each step forward — from the cultural revolution of the ‘60s to recent revelations in the field of neuroscience — has also helped erode trust in the tools of democracy. As he says, ‘What went right is also what went wrong.’ Can democracy survive?

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Great User Experience (UX) Leads to Conversions

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What’s user experience got to do with conversions? Everything. Great user experience is a means to an end. You don’t create awesome user experiences just to make somebody happy.

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«Pattern Formation: Nature’s Spontaneous Architecture» by Philip Ball

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«Pattern Formation: Nature’s Spontaneous Architecture» was a Philip Ball’s lecture at the Advances in Architectural Geometry 2012 (AAG). AAG is a symposium presenting theoretical works and practices linked to new geometrical development applicable to architecture. This symposium aims to gather the diverse components of the contemporary architectural tendencies which push the building envelope towards free form and respond to the multiple current design challenges with a renewed mathematical rigor.


Philip Ball is a freelance science writer. He worked previously at Nature for over 20 years, first as an editor for physical sciences and then as a Consultant Editor. He is the author of several popular books on science, including works on the nature of water, pattern formation in the natural world, colour in art, and the science of social and political philosophy. He has delivered lectures to scientific and general audiences at venues ranging from the V&A Museum to the NASA Ames Research Center and the London School of Economics.


All lectures at AAG 2012 can be found here:

1. Engineering – Jan Knippers: Biomimetic strategies for an elastic architecture

2. Architecture – Philip Ball: Pattern Formation

3. Geometric Computing – Pierre Alliez: Robust Geometry Processing

4. Case Study – Chuck Hoberman: Building structures that change themselves

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Making Video To Make A Difference – MIT+K12

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«In December, 2011, Ian Waitz, MIT’s Dean of Engineering, launched the MIT-K12 project, driven by a series of questions: How can we change the perception of the role of engineers and scientists in the world? What can MIT do, right now, to improve STEM education at the K12 level? What if MIT became a publicly accessible “experiential partner” to the country’s K12 educators? What if MIT students generated short-form videos to complement the work those educators are already doing in their classrooms and homes?»

Some products of the work that answers these questions are now available on this website. The videos explain STEM questions and are sorted by grade level as well as science categories: astornomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, engineering, physics and transportation. 
MIT continues to be very supportive of education and brings out new tools we can use in our classroom. This site is in the beginning stages, and will accept proposals for videos that you would like to see created. Much more information is available at the site. 

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Create Great B2B Content

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This how to guide by Sylvia Jensen, highlights nine tips to ensure a great content strategy:

Start with the objective

All too often objectives are far-reaching and/or fuzzy 

Understand your audience

Don’t lose focus on who will be reading your content and where possible identify personas

Avoid product- and sales-driven content

Create content about what you know, not what you sell

Invest and market your content

Create a unique point-of-view because you are competing with every publisher, bloggers, trade journals, Twitter influencers, and even daily newspapers

Create a content calendar

The content you create should be planned, yet flexible enough to adapt to inspiration

Build a content team

Your colleagues are vital to the creation, distribution and socializing of your content, inspire them to contribute

Recycle your content

Wherever possible repurpose and recycle your content and share across all platforms.

Check this great presentation by Scot McKee on content recycling.[PDF]

Find a chief content officer

While everyone in a company may be responsible for content, one person needs to be accountable for it

Be interesting 

Content marketing is a new strand of marketing DNA. If you lack the skills internally then hire a journalist or a specialty agency to work with you.


By Sylvia Jensen.


Graphic and B2B Marketing Summit video presentation.

By Scot McKee.

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Don’t listen to the «experts». 5 reasons why SEO is more important than ever

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The web is a place for new and shiny things, for fads and sexy new start-ups. Like many of us, web «experts» have short attention spans and tend to jump from one fad to the next.

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Facebook Engagement: 14 Areas To Work On To Engage More FB Fan Page Readers Before Spending To Promote Your Posts

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Robin Good: If you are wondering why engagement on your Facebook page is so hard to come, with few questions and comments sparking up your page, here is a number of good questions to ask yourself, before buying into Promoting your posts which is what Facebook is trying to get you to do.


“How do I get my Facebook fans to participate more on our page?”


Motivating fans to like, comment on, and share your posts not only strengthens your bond with existing fans but also helps get you in front of a new and bigger audience: their friends. If no one’s talking to you on Facebook, it’s hard to know if your social media marketing efforts are going anywhere — and it’s definitely not much fun.


The key reasons for our failure on this front is generally a lack of creativity and perseverance on our end to utilize the right ingredients that spark engagement for our readers. A few little changes can make all of the difference in the world.


Useful read and reminder of what to look at. 7/10


Full article:

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4 Social Consumer Segments To Watch

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As social media evolves, marketers realize that a social presence is no longer an option, but a necessity. Many have noticed a disconnect, however, between consumer reach provided by social media and actual, quantifiable customer acquisition
and return on investment.


Recent research by The Incyte Group provides unprecedented insight into four major consumer segments that are researching your brand online and more importantly the best ways you can reach them.

The implications of the findings are not a one size fits all solution for social engagement.


Rather, the research provides insight into four consumer segments that can have a major impact on your social strategy if you understand what motivates them.


The e-book “The Who’s Who Of Consumer Segments, an Analysis of 4 Consumer Segments and the Way They Use Online Communities to Make Buying Decisions” examines the characteristics of unique market segments that are likely to join customer communities, and discuss how you can best leverage your social media strategy to connect with each in a meaningful, valuable way.

Check out the Infographic to get a sense of who these consumers are, how they research products and services, and what motivates them.



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The SEO Path to Becoming a Great Funnel Owner | SEOmoz

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Excerpted from article:

«If SEO consultants want to own more of the funnel, their title will need to change to support a more expansive role that includes multiple channels, rather than changing what the term «SEO» itself means.

The author of article is going to focus on two key areas of SEO:

1) Beyond keywords;
2) Content that works;


1. Beyond keywords

What good SEOs already do:

– Model search behavior across the funnel

Good SEO’s are already skilled in the art of modeling user search behavior across a search buying cycle. They look to identify what language prospects are using relevant to their business.


Good SEO’s will:

1. Use PPC data…

2. Measure head vs long tail…

3. Track top of funnel keywords…

4. Create keyword funnels…

5. Create content maps…


I want more of that funnel

What great funnel owners do:

– Model the whole customer

Persona modeling is nothing new, and smart marketers have been using them to help with brand marketing, website design, and UI for years.

Well constructed personas help develop many different tactics, including:

– Content that resonates
– Community that engages
– Display/retargeting ads that get clicked
– Emails that get opened.



2. Content that works

What good SEOs already do:

– Audit sites to make the engines (and user’s) happier

Good SEOs are a technical bunch and know how to ensure your site is ready to take on the search engines and win. Better yet, since good on-site optimizations follow good UI principles, the people visiting your site will be just as happy.


Good SEO’s will:

1. Make accessibility and indexability a must for your site…

2. Check all key areas of your site in order to…

3. Conduct a competitor analysis…


I want more of that funnel

What great funnel owners do:

– Audit content to build a strategy to amaze prospects

There are three key tasks to complete to help you create the right content strategy for your business:

1. Determine your «sweet spot»…

2. Conduct a TOFU content audit…

3. Conduct a MOFU content audit…



A well-planned content strategy helps open up many new doors for funnel owners, including:

– Thought leadership in your market
– Free visits, links, and shares
– Reduced bounce rate
– Increased engagement metrics
– Improved CRO results
– More money!


Each point is analyzed with more information and examples. Read full interesting article here:

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