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This CEO Gives Every Employee His Cell Number (Seriously)
By Venessa Wong

(Corrects number of employees)

Every now and then, a Quicken Loans employee accidentally “pocket” dials Chief Executive Bill Emerson. He doesn’t mind. “It’s an open culture,” he says. In the past six years, the 49-year-old has given out the number of his personal cell phone to each of the Detroit company’s 8,500 employees.

“It’s a personal choice for a CEO,” he says. “I encourage leaders to be accessible because it breeds an inclusive culture.”

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AOL Wants to Renovate Your Inbox
By Sam Grobart

AOL has come up with a way to make your existing webmail inbox more attractive and possibly more efficient

AOL (AOL) unveiled a new webmail service called Alto.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Alto is not a new webmail service in the way that Gmail and Yahoo! Mail are webmail services. And that’s a good thing—the world doesn’t need another e-mail address to consider switching to. (How’s that new domain working out, Microsoft (MSFT)?)

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GoPro Widens the View of Its Customer Base
By Peter Burrows

(Corrects to say that all three versions of Woodman Labs’ new Hero3 camera have built-in Wi-Fi, not just the highest-priced model. )

Nicholas Woodman, the founder of the company that makes GoPro video cameras, often gets asked whether selling tiny, rugged cameras so surfers, skiers, and skydivers can record their exploits is just a niche business. “It’s becoming the norm to document more and more of our lives,” Woodman says. “If this is a niche, it’s a very big one.” So big, in fact, that he says his company, San Mateo (Calif.)-based Woodman Labs, will soon have the option of going public.

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