IAB: A Global Network


Competition for consumers’ hearts and minds is no longer bounded by geographic frontiers – digital marketing, news, entertainment, and content are all global. The new-media marketplace naturally bleeds across frontiers, often with knee-high barriers to entry. But succeeding in this widely varied and vast arena will not be as easy.

Nearly all major digital companies are by their nature already global. Start-ups, lately, are adding an international dimension to their efforts sooner in their life cycle than ever before. It is our intention that through our collaboration, all IABs will help their members become digital influencers worldwide.

IABs from around the world:

  • Help build markets
  • Bring members together for common interests
  • Make digital standards fluid across boundaries
  • Produce world-class events for top digital influencers

North America
 IAB Canada
 IAB Caribbean
 IAB Mexico

South America
 IAB Argentina
 IAB Brazil
 IAB Chile
 IAB Colombia
 IAB Peru
 IAB Uruguay

Asia & Australia
 IAB Australia
 IAB New Zealand
 IAB Singapore
 IAB Vietnam

 IAB Austria
 IAB Belgium
 IAB Bulgaria
 IAB Croatia
 IAB Denmark
 IAB Finland
 IAB France
 IAB Germany
 IAB Greece
 IAB Hungary
 IAB Ireland
 IAB Italy
 IAB Netherlands
 IAB Norway
 IAB Poland
 IAB Romania
 IAB Russia
 IAB Serbia
 IAB Slovakia

 IAB Spain
 IAB Sweden
 IAB Switzerland
 IAB Turkey
 IAB United Kingdom




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