Captivating Mobile Landing Pages

Getting more visitors to your mobile landing pages is great. If they aren’t sticking around, though, that couldindicate something about your mobile page is causing them to abandon.

If you can’t keep their attention with a captivating experience, you can lose them easily.  But what does it take to keep a visitor’s attention and get them to convert?

Keeping Visitor’s Attention on Mobile Landing Pages

  • Optimize the experience – A big part of keeping visitors on mobile landing pages is the experience. If they have to pinch, twist and zoom, your page isn’t giving them an optimized experience. Some marketers neglect topersonalize for mobile devices, but it’s critical if you want to keep people on your page.
  • Speed matters – Along with building a mobile optimized page, you must make sure it’s fast. How that is accomplished isn’t completely unique from optimizing a non-mobile page, but there’s one difference to consider: visitors are on a mobile device. That means they could be on the go or have a smaller patience level with a smaller screen. To keep your mobile landing pages fast and retain visitors, keep content like large photos, videos and other interactive content to a minimum.
  • Entertain and attract – Now when I mention keeping things to a minimum, that doesn’t mean we need to eliminate everything. After all, some of the coolest mobile landing pages have some great videos and interactive content. The difference is to keep it fast and entertaining. Keep your videos at less than a minute or integrate mobile optimized content. 

Keep People on Mobile Landing Pages 

Building out your mobile landing pages is only the beginning. When you give them an experience, make it quick and entertain them, then you’ll know you’re going down the right path – you’ll see it in your conversions.

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