Freebie: Using Photoshop Actions to Render iOS and OSX apps as 3D Product Shots

Freebie: Using Photoshop Actions to Render iOS and OSX apps as 3D Product Shots

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7 Chrome Extensions for Web Designers to Maximize Productivity

7 Chrome Extensions for Web Designers to Maximize Productivity

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Keep Your Best Employees: 5 Steps |

Looking to attract and retain the talent required to take your company out of start-up phase and onto the next level? Be open to change.

Rachel came to us with strong work ethic, experience creating organizational hierarchies, an understanding of what it takes to be operationally excellent, and perhaps most importantly, a devotion to our company’s cause: promoting client needs in a collaborative team-oriented environment.

I put her in a role that made the most sense to me-that is, the job that took the bulk of my time. I was the project manager on almost every project for our customers, but in order to grow the company, I realized I needed to focus on higher-level goals, and not the day-to-day grind. I had intentionally hired someone who had a different skill set, someone who’d be good at nurturing employees by implementing human resource structure (which I’m not). Isn’t that what the experts tell you to do? But I made a critical mistake. I gave her a job that fit my personality, not hers.

She was miserable. She hated the job. The project manager role was external facing and required being heavy-handed with our clients to keep projects on task and within scope.  While Rachel is great at getting employees to tow the line, she struggled with this requirement when it came to our clients.

My instinct told me she was exactly the type of employee User Insight needed to be successful based on her background, professionalism, experience, and approach to the job, but I also knew she was on the way out if things didn’t change, and change quickly.

So, in the lobby of a hotel during a business trip, Rachel and I sat down over a stale cup of coffee to discuss how we might carve out a job that would entice her to stay at User Insight.

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Panorama actual de las redes sociales y las marcas |

Vuelo Digital | Mercadotecnia Digital, Social Media Marketing, Redes Sociales

Este estudio presenta más de 2 mil datos y cifras sobre social media, obtenidos gracias a una encuesta realizada a más de 7.827 consumidores mayores de 15 años procedentes de 19 países de los cuatro continentes.

A continuación te presentamos las cinco conclusiones más importantes del estudio:

1.-El panorama social se encuentra estable

De acuerdo con los resultados del estudio antes citado, se estima que siete de cada diez usuarios de internet son usuarios activos, por lo menos, en una red social, lo que significa que poco más de 1.500 millones de personas utilizan estos espacios para mantenerse conectados e interactuar con otros usuarios.

En cuanto al reconocimiento de estas plataformas, cerca del 100% de los usuarios reconoce y conoce Facebook, más del 80% a Twitter y cerca del 70% aGoogle+.

La mayoría de los participantes en la encuesta, afirma estar “a gusto” con el panorama actual de las redes sociales -su diseño, funcionamiento, dinámica, disponibilidad y alcance, entre otras características-, por lo que declaran no querer cambios importantes en el mismo, prefiriendo la estabilidad antes que la novedad. ….    Continuar leyendo «Panorama actual de las redes sociales y las marcas |»