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If you don’t have the resources for a full SEO campaign, you don’t have to worry. The good news is that you can get away with bare minimum SEO. This will enable you to be competitive enough even with your limited resources. For smaller businesses and some larger ones, SEO is not an option because of various reasons.

Let’s take a look at minimal SEO tasks that you need to keep up with the competition.

Monitor Indexing Status

Bare Minimum SEOThe first step to ensure that your site will be found by many searchers is indexing. You can check indexing status by usingGoogle Webmaster Tools. This will let you see the pages on your website that are indexed by Google. Just log in and click on Health then Index Status on the left side menu.

You can also click on the Advanced button to find other important information. Look at the number of indexed pages and try to see if there is an indication of a problem. If too few pages are indexed or too many are “not selected” then you have a problem. If this is the case then the next step of this bare minimum SEO process will help you solve your problem.

Target keywords

When you have indexing problems, the culprit is usually keywords or the lack of targeting for the right keywords. When it comes to bare minimum SEO, the best thing you can do is focus your website on target keywords. If you don’t know anything about keywords you need to at least learn the basics.

Start by figuring out if you’re effectively competing for the best keywords. There are many keyword tools that can help you determine the best keywords that you should be targeting. The two top tools for keywords are Google AdWords Keyword Tool and the keyword research tool of Bing Webmaster Tools.

Link Building

Bare Minimum SEOLink building is now a very tricky process. This is because of the Penguin update from Google which frowns upon “unnatural” link building tactics. Links are now one of the major signals search engines use to determine rankings. It is now all about quality links or those that come from established or authoritative websites.

Link building is another vital part of bare minimum SEO. One of the best ways to attract quality links naturally is by creating quality content and using social media to put your content out there. If it is good enough, many people will share it and link to your webpage.

Remember that this bare minimum SEO guide is just for those who cannot have a full SEO campaign. For best results, it is still best to have a complete SEO campaign which will ensure that your organization is as competitive as possible.

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