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>Another week and another set of brilliant viral videos that people have been talking about in huge numbers. Rather than sifting through the billions of videos that people have uploaded we share the 10 best virals every week form the world of marketing and advertising. This week we have a couple of classics from brands like Coca Cola and Old Spice as well as one of the best bits of marketing we have ever seen from a Belgian bank. Sit back and enjoy the best virals from the past week…

Call Me Maybe – for Choir and Orchestra

Just when we though we were all bored of “Call Me Maybe” cover versions and the whole marketing world had moved onto “Gangham Style” videos, along comes what is probably one of the best cover versions of this year’s most talked about song!

The Wrong Way To Save The Rainforest

Feeling guilty about not getting behind good or worthy causes? Don’t worry as The Rainforest Alliance created this slick vid which shows how easy it is to help its cause, with particular emphasis on what you shouldn’t do. It creates a brilliant narrative about the things you shouldn’t do to save this ecosystem, mainly leave your job, travel to the Amazon and use your knowledge of Hollywood movies to stage a revolution.

Coca-Cola Launch The “Happiness Table”

Coca Cola is known for marketing that aims to make people “happy” all over the world. We’ve covered its campaigns on numerous occasions as it is a theme that they love to share in different countries around the world. The latest is Italy where, as you might have guessed, the focus is all on food.

Odd Socks Problem Solved With Brilliant New iPhone App

They say there is an app for everything and that maxim has been taken very literally with this latest invention. An iPhone app for keeping track of and sorting your socks. Can’t say we’ll be in a massive hurry to download this, even though it is a problem we face every single day.

New Old Spice Advert Mixes Business With Pleasure

Ever since Old Spice had their smash hit social media campaign a couple of years ago, everything they do online gets huge attention. Its latest ad is a smart little piece based on American football and mixing business with pleasure. Not earth-shattering, but because of the brand loyalty that it has built up over the last few years, it will get shared everywhere.

Amazing “Mind Reader” Reveals How Much We Reveal About Ourselves

In Brussels, Belgium, a clairvoyant named Dave invited random people to have their minds read. At first, he impresses all his visitors by revealing snippets of information about them, but then it gets a little darker as he starts revealing confidential information. Whatever you think of the big reveal, you have to admit that it’s a very effective way of hammering the message home.

One Direction Spoof Targets Mitt Romney

With US Election season in full swing and both campas trying ever more elaborate stunts to discredit the opponents tings have taken a turn in a direction that few would have predicted. Today sees the launch of “Wrong Direction” a parody of the popular One Direction song but aimed at Mitt Romney and the mistakes that he has made.

Duet With Siri: Part 2

With Siri being a year old, it was only a matter of time before we got a good parody video to mark the occasion. This one is well written and many will be able to relate to it. Imagine this time last year, most of us never even knew what a digital assistant was!

Hospital Releases Emotional Beatle’s Song To Help Children

Hey Jude is one of the best known Beatles songs of all time and a children’s hospital of the same name have released this emotional video to help raise their profile. It would melt your heart.

Epic Lego Music Video – Foster the People

LEGO videos are always big but this epic Foster the people music video looks like it could take things to the next level. You can expect this to blow up and get millions of views. Catchy little tune too.


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