Do or Die: The Inevitability of Social Business

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Transforming culture and process:
This means hiring the right people to embrace change. In a sales culture, where individuals are pit against each other to drive performance, the latter is non-existent in this new order. Can we effectively align the workforce to operate cross-functionally, break down silos, and more importantly, come to a consensus? Gray pointed out companies can’t easily adapt because of conflicting objectives between departments e.g. profit v.s. sales volume v.s. attrition.

This also means designing a dynamic model that flexes based on customer outcomes. It’s not only about technology; it’s about culture. We need to create a culture that can share its mistakes as easily as its wins — and learn from its mistakes. Can we easily embrace failure in cultures where only success has typically been rewarded?

These two factors alone are hard to come by. You need to establish a culture of sharing in order to effectively engage externally. The mind-set shift required to evolve the organization is substantial.

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