Pero cómo es el perfil de los profesionales que gestionan estas comunidades, qué edades tienen los Community Managers de las empresas ¿Cuáles son las ciudades dónde más trabajo hay para los CM’s? ¿Qué gana el B2B o el B2C? ¿Dónde hay más responsables de las comunidades, en las Agencias o en las Marcas Finales? ¿A qué le dan más importancia las marcas, al engagement, o el número de fans? ¿Quién cobra más, una mujer o un hombre de Community Manager? ¿Cuántas horas le dedican semanalmente? ¿Dónde tienen más presencia las marcas Facebook o Twitter? …

El portal SocialFresh ha publicado su último informe de Report Community Manager 2012, un estudio muy interesante para saber como está el mercado global de este sector.

A continuación destaco lo más importante del estudio:

Las comunidades online están gestionadas un 67% por mujeres y un 33% por hombres

Las edades comprendidas son:

18 a 24 años: 19 %
24 a 30 años: 39 %
31 a 40 años: 27 %
41 a 50 años: 13 %
+ de 50 años: 3 %
El ránking de ciudades con más trabajo para community managers lo encabeza Nueva York, San Francisco y Boston. La única ciudad europea que encontramos en este ránking ocupa el quinto lugar y es Londres

El 76 % de los CM trabajan para marcas enfocadas al B2C (Marcas de Gran Consumo) y solo el 24% se dedica al sector del B2B

El 67% trabaja directamente en empresa/marca, y el 33% lo hace desde agencia

La principal preocupación es con un 50% de los encuestados de mejorar el engagement de las comunidades de las marcas en las redes sociales.

El grupo de 31 a 40 años son el que mayor salario tienen (56mil $ anuales)

El 47% afirma dedicarse más de 40 horas a la semana a su trabajo

El 55% de las marcas trabajan en Facebook, el 24% en Twitter y el 10 % en Foros

¡Haz check-in con tu cara! (Vídeo)


EñUT comunicación

Check in con la cara

Acabamos de descubrir un vídeo sobre una nueva aplicación en el blog de publicidad digital y marketing Adverblog (muy recomendable si os gusta ver ideas creativas) que va un poco más allá de los habituales check-ins que están actualmente tan de moda.

Se trata de una aplicación creada por la agencia Red Pepper Land llamada Facedeal quegracias a una cámara de reconocimiento facial que se instala a la entrada de un establecimiento te envía promociones personalizadas a tu smartphone.

Funcionamiento: Tienes que registrarte en la aplicación conectando a través de Facebook      Leer más “¡Haz check-in con tu cara! (Vídeo)”

How to Improve Workflow in a Multi-Author WordPress Blog | @ProBlogger



This guest post is by Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner.

Running a multi-author blog can become a hassle, especially if you do not have a dedicated content manager for your site.Having run several multi-author blogs myself, I understand the issues you face and decisions you have to make.

If you’re running a multi-author blog, you may have asked yourself questions like, should I give the writer access to my WordPress dashboard? Is it secure? How do I monitor their activities to see they aren’t messing up my website? How do I improve my workflow?

In this article, I will share my personal experience in managing a collaborative WordPress site safely and effectively.

The “t” in “team” is also for “trust”

If you want to improve your workflow, then you will have to give your writers access to your WordPress dashboard. Otherwise, you will find yourself copying and pasting a lot of elements from a Word Document into your WordPress dashboard, attaching images, adding styling elements, and so on.

Fortunately, WordPress comes with numerous user roles with various permission levels.

user capability

If you look at the charts above, the two permission levels that make the most sense for multi-author blogs are Contributor and Author.

The biggest issue with Contributors is that they can’t attach images because they do not have the ability to upload files. Since you want your authors to have the ability to upload and attach images to their articles, you will want to give them Author-level permissions.

The big issue with that is that it gives them the ability to publish posts, delete posts, edit published posts, and so on. While I trust all of my authors, I don’t want things to go live without going through an editorial review. So I don’t want them to have this capability.

The good thing about WordPress is that there is a plugin for just about everything. You can use a popular plugin called Members to modify the capabilities of the Author role. Once you install the plugin, go to Users > Roles and modify the Author role. Your final permissions settings should look something like this:

The roles editor

As you notice, the only abilities we’ve given Authors here are editing posts, reading posts, and uploading files.

Security and monitoring Leer más “How to Improve Workflow in a Multi-Author WordPress Blog | @ProBlogger”

Google still penalizing for unnatural links


Google Screenshot

REPORT: Google still penalizing for unnatural links – What to do if you are affected…

As you may already know, early this year Google had a mandate to reach out to the sites that might have had a poor link scheme and asked politely that site owners make corrections if they wanted their rankings back. This proved to be one of the most major updates, followed by more Panda and Penguin updates causing widespread penalization for some.

Realizing the criticality of this mandate to their site ranking, our new SEO client approached us with a notice from Google, asking us to fix their little dilemma created by their old SEO provider. It basically stated: “We’ve detected that some of your site’s pages may be using techniques that are outside Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links…”

If you receive a notice in your inbox like this, don’t panic. It is a good thing. No, really it is. Think of it as a 12-Step AA Program for SEO. Basically, it suggests that you come to terms with how your SEO has been built up until now for your entire website’s life and somehow find the “bad” links so you can “fix” them. Not a simple task. What they want you to do specifically is to look for possible artificial or unnatural links pointing to your site that could be intended to manipulate PageRank.

Panda “Algorithm is in their words is a change to their search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin content sites” (sites with no real quality content) Page layout and content quality are key in this update. Panda is also designed to stop “scrappers” (sites publishing other site’s content) and return higher-quality page results at the top of the search queries.


Penguin Algorithm update was first announced on April 24, 2012. The update is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using unethical and black had SEO techniques to gain favorable rankings. Black hat techniques targeted are keyword stuffing, cloaking, participating in link schemes, or deliberate creation of duplicate content.

Examples of unnatural linking could include buying links to pass PageRank or participating in link schemes. There are SEO firms all over the planet that will have no idea what Google is talking about in this letter. If you receive a letter like this, you might want to use a different SEO company. One site to look out for is BMR’s network; Google went through this with a fine tooth comb.

Google will request that you specifically, look for possibly artificial or unnatural links pointing to your site that could be intended to manipulate PageRank. Bad linking practices are a real concern for Google. I have seen this many times clients come to me saying their “SEO Guy” did some stuff and they lost their keyword terms overnight. Or “our SEO guys are the best” (landing them low searched keyword phrases) thinking they did some magnificent SEO work.

This is why you want to use Webmaster Tools. If you run into this problem, then at least you are alerted to the problem quickly. There are probably tens of thousands of sites out there having this same issue and probably don’t know it’s due to poor SEO practices.

Organic SEO has always been one of the highest converting traffic sources for website conversions if done correctly. Organic keywords have been a consistent provider of revenues for many small and large brands worldwide and they work extremely hard to maintain these rankings. Organic SEO for your company should not be taken lightly. It is one of the best long-term strategies and even if a social media train comes into town and you feel like hitching a ride, do not neglect your Organic SEO Strategy.

We have clients converting at very high percentages on just a few organic keyword phrases and leading their industry for online exposure.

Remember: If someone can build a website, it doesn’t mean they are an SEO professional.

***This is not to discredit anybody with web experience but merely show that SEO is a very specific algorithmic equation that takes full time analysis and should be taking seriously. Hire only proven professionals that stay current on SEO topics and trends. It is knowledge that you are looking for that does not come at a cheap price. It is worth it. It will be a viable long-term solution for your brand that you will be thankful for investing in.

Let’s get one thing straight. Google doesn’t owe anybody anything. It is a privilege to be ranked high on their search engine. This is why it is critical to only practice ethical SEO techniques.


Google isn’t fooling around. They are continuing to investigate sites and they will want to know specifics on the SEO practices since their ultimate goal is to provide the most relevant content in their searches. They are relentless in doing whatever it takes to provide the most relevant listings in their search queries. Google will want a breakdown in your words what happened.

Google might also request the following:                                                              Leer más “Google still penalizing for unnatural links”

El vídeo record de ‘likes’ en Youtube | El año que viene convocado Marcelo Tinelli [:P

Según el Guiness de los Records, el vídeoclip de un rapero de Corea del Sur es lo que más likes ha generado con su canción ‘Gangnam Style’ .

5 cambios en Linkedin que suponen una oportunidad para las pymes


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Linkedin ads

Con más de 175 millones de profesionales cualificados en todo el mundo, y más de 3 millones en España, la red de networking LinkedIn está incorporando numerosos cambios que significarán nuevas oportunidades para incorporar en las estrategias de las pymes.


El reciente lanzamiento de LinkedIn Ads en castellano va a suponer que los anunciantes y usuarios podamos interactuar de manera más local. 

Oportunidad: Poder comunicarnos de manera más específica con los profesionales o las empresas que pueden mostrar mayor interés en los productos y servicios que ofrecemos,siendo más eficiente nuestra inversión en publicidad.

  Linkedin ads


Aunque no estará disponible para todas las empresas hasta el próximo año, el rediseño de las páginas de empresa permitirá mostrar de manera más visual los productos y servicios de las empresas. Hasta ahora Linkedin ha estado más enfocada al uso individual de las personas, sin embargo, la popularidad del servicio ha obligado a modificar el producto para darle más importancia a las páginas corporativas.

Oportunidad: Más presencia de marca (actualmente las páginas corporativas solo tienen un pequeño icono y varias pestañas con texto).

#3: DESARROLLO DE ALGORTIMO PARA DETERMINAR INTERESES DE LOS USUARIOS Leer más “5 cambios en Linkedin que suponen una oportunidad para las pymes”

007 taste for beer… a Heineken of course!

IDEA: James Bond doesn’t always drink beer. But when he does, he prefers … well, Heineken. With apologies to Dos Equis, 007 is the original “most interesting man in the world.” And he declares his allegiance to the Dutch lager in a new global campaign from Wieden + Kennedy timed to the release of the latest Bond movie, Skyfall.

It’s a natural fit for Heineken, whose recent global ads “The Entrance” and “The Date” each focused on an intriguing male lead—the brand calls him its “Man of the World”—who is Bond-like in his charm, ingenuity and worldliness. The hero of the new 60-second spot is mistaken for Bond himself as villains chase him through a train that’s roaring through the Siberian wilderness. Daniel Craig and the new Bond girl, Bérénice Marlohe, make cameos, but it’s the Heineken man who outwits his adversaries—earning himself a beer from 007 and a mysterious briefcase from Marlohe.


“The Bond films have always been aligned to Heineken’s international, premium image,” said Cyril Charzat, Heineken’s senior global brand director. “In this campaign, we see the charm and resourcefulness shared by James Bond and the Heineken Man of the World, which allows him to momentarily step successfully into Bond’s shoes.” Leer más “007 taste for beer… a Heineken of course!”